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Vocational Itinerary in Training and Education in Agriculture VITiculture and Education for All types of learners Vocational Itinerary in Training and Education in Agriculture
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The VITEA educational project focuses on pruning wishes professional core business activity: winter pruning and green pruning. One a professional pruner is able to perform all the annual work on vine. VITEA gathers european service providers in vine pruning of 2 wine growing countries, vocational training organizations of 7 wine growing countries and a certificative institution. The training in pruning is present in all wine growing countries of the European Union. They usually lead to certification tests. However winegrowers have difficulties find skilled vine pruners because of social devaluation of a seasonal activity, poorly paid and lack of qualified candidates remains small. Yet for first-time entrants to the labor market and job seekers, controlling vine pruning is a serious entrence to career development that gives the opportunity of sustainable jobs. The VITEA project aims to participate in the response to the needs: -Wine professionals by training skilled pruners-Learners, employees and job seekers by making them acquire professional skills and: - maintaining their jobs over the year - get a better compensation - progress towards more skilled jobs. - Conscious training organizations: - improve training anchor in the reality of trades and labour - strengthen the assessment in a work situation - develop training units strengthening the adaptability of learners through work-based assessment experience in a foreign winery - consider joint certification tests on pruning for the future. - The anticipation of a certificative institution wanting to anticipate the future Professional, educational and institutional partners of the European project VITEA wish to experiment with common training modules and validate learning outcomes ECVET using the concept of continuous improvement taking into account the acquired experiences. Whatever what vineyards pruning invariants exist. The "beginner pruner" must be able to perform this skill level 3 in "European Qualification Framework". From one vineyard to an other the pedo-climatic, economic and social contexts change. The reasoning will then take over to allow "confirmed pruners: - to adapt in a different context whether national, European or international. - to analyze a situation before making the best decision. This " confirmed pruner" have to be able to master the reasoning required for mastering this skill level 4 in "European Qualification Framework". The partners of the project will build VITEA training modules to these two levels of training. They will develop the reference document and the specific handbook for each of these two levels of training. They will use ECVET and tools to: - Define the learning outcomes needs to master knowledge, abilities and skills. - Build their assessment - Analyze learner progress During 5 project meetings, the partners will work on the expected results of the project, 3 training meetings will improve the partners to be able to build and practice assessment tools. 4 will insure promotion and realization along the 2 years of the project. They 'll allow: - mobility of students, apprentices and trainees in vocational training engaged in training with a vine pruning module - a new formation with the European network of wine High Schools,. VITEA will help to push the ECVET system principle to its actual application in certification tests due to the methodology used, those of professional didactics, which is based on the analysis of work situations. Personnals improve their capacity to build tools, to practice assessment and ECVET system framwork. Learners will practice the pruning activity by analyzing their results and progress Project activities . VITEA will also help to enhance the skills of experienced pruners and renovate training in pruning, relying on professional / employers on a job carrier subject. Several VITEA partners are active in the European Network of wine High Schools, allowing a large dissemination of project results.


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