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Vocational Education and Training in the Construction programme
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Building- and Construction programme at Bräckegymnasiet with 450 students is one of Swedens largests. We offer many orientations from construction machine operator to glass technician. Half of the education time is work based training and from year two this take place in a company. Our goal was to reinforce capacity and international scope through development of a long term cooperation with educational institutions/training centers and companies in Europe, offering vocational training and jobshadowing. The mobility activites were expected to produce improved the professional skills as well as greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic and cultural diversity. Our vocational teachers have, with starts from the program specific subject syllabus and principles of ECVET, created a model for assessment of students vocational work based competences which was compared to the evaluation methods used at our receiving organisations. The partners are the vocational school ESEDU in Pieksämäki, Finland, the vocational training- and researchcenter CSCS in Pistoia, Italy and the vocational education- and training center BZB in Krefeld, Germany. 13 students in autumn 2015 and 10 students in spring 2016 had placement, in a four week period. The first period did enroll third year students and the second students from year two. Each period, two students went to ESEDU practicing sheet metal work, welding and laser cutting. Nine painters and one bricklayer had placements in companies in Pistoia specializing in decorative painting, older painting techniques, tiling and masonry in the old style arranged by CSCS, Six carpenters, two concrete students and one specialised in construction had placement at BZB. They got training in integration of concrete work into carpentry ,older carpentry techniques, casting and bricklaying as well as consturction work. Each student had a tutor responsible for the work program and assessment of the learning outcomes. The first and last week during the students work placement one vocational teacher was doing jobshadowing at the school/training enter/company. Both students and teachers acquired new professional methods, knowledge about new tools and materials, increased skills in environmentaly adapted working methods as well as higher quality awareness. One of the learning outcomes for the teachers were to achieve competence in student assessment trough testing our model, Assesment Grid. This instrument was to be compared with the evaluation model used by the receiving organisations. Our schoolmanagement did jobshadowing as well, three days at each partnerorganisation. They followed an empolyee in corresponding position. The results gained was increased awarenss of differences between our countries concerning curriculum and syllabus. How the construction program was implemented and especially how the practical training organised were other examples of learning outcomes. Preparatory meetings have taken place between Bräckegymnasiet and our partners. Selecting criteria for students were good results in school subjects, good attendance at lessons and ability to be a good ambassador for Bräckegymnasiet. 25 percent were students with another cultural backgound and ten percent were girls. The school management, the student´s mentor and the international coordinator were responsilbe for the selecting process. lntroductory language lessons and lessons about the countrys culture and history have prepared the participants for the mobility activity. In our workshops the students were prepared for the mobility. Europass Mobility Europass Curriculum Vitae (CV), Europass Mobility Document Grant Agreement Traineeship (VET) 2015 and ERASMUS+ VET Mobility Quality Commitment 2015 has been used. Besides, Bräckegymnasiets document Assesment Grid was used for assesment of the students achieved learning outcomes. Learning Agreement was used aswell. The students school leaving Certificate included information about fullfilled traineeship at ERASMUS+. For the teachers and schoolmanagers ERASMUS+ Work Programme for VET Staff Mobility 2015 and Template Certificate of Attendance 2015 was used. Communication with the receiving organisations was maintained through phonecalls, sms and e-mails. Bräckegymnasiet created a Facebook page for the project served as a communcation and disseminating platform for the project. When carried through, the dissemination of the project took place through presentations done by the students in classes and at meetings where schools at campus Lindholmen presented their international collaborations. An exhibition was carried out at Älvstrandens Public Library. The results has be presented by teachers at staff meetings. Dissemination will take place at Hjärntorget, the pedagogical platform for schools in Gothenburg as well as the event Pedagogisk marknad, arranged by Gothenburg City in november 2016.



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