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Vizyoner Liderlik
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Recently, it has been debated that principals, who are in schools and societies which have been very complex with the effects of changes, are not able to undertake all the managerial or leadership duties any more. It has been recommended that leadership in schools should be restructured as a team action and distributed to the staffs with the aim of collaboration.Assuming that relationships among staff in schools can contribute to teachers’ development and learning. Leadership involves seeing the future, setting convincing vision and objectives concerning the organization's future and mobilizing the staff intended for carrying out these objectives.In another words,leadership is a process of mobilizing others so as to carry out a specific objective and it is a process of influencing others. School adminisrators should undertake new roles in the face of new developments such as globalization, information technology, organizational learning and total quality management movements.These developments necessitate a new mission and leadership behaviour. Vision is dreaming which is desired to happen in the future.Vision is the road map of an individual or an institution related to future.Vision is to create a new horizon starting from our existing conditions.Vision who works in the schools create an excitement and alliance.The schools who have vision does not waste time with unnessary problems.School administrators,with the visioner leadership role requirement can manage the school dynamically and productive by aroused oganisation soul. In democratic schools, no matter how much the leadership is promoted ,shared and tested by members of the school; it is created the leaders and the process leads up to the contribution to the school's development.This case demonstrates the need ,to explore the school leadership with more variety and different methods. So the educational leadership researchers ,who continue their studies mostly in European countries,reflect the impact of these studies into teacher leadership perspectives in the deeper and more details such as shared leadership and they reflect these researches to the impact of school leadership and student achievements. Considering these requirements we developed the "Visionary Leadership" project. Visionary leadership is based on being able to transmit ,create and mobilize people collectively that affects leadership vision. The main feature of a visionary leader is to see the way ,to walk down the way and to lead the way. For this purpose, the school administrator and the staff would like to learn about the changes occuring in the field of education and leadership roles both in the European dimensionand in local. There will be 9 mobilities in our project. The teachers and the administrators who will participate in these activities should have the ability to represent his/her organisation,giving high emphasis on professional development and people with skills to transfer his/her experiences.The school staff will attend the following courses: 1-LEADERSHIP and COMMUNICATION IN EDUCATION" 2-"HOW TO MAKE YOUR SCHOOL MORE INTERNATIONAL" 3-"DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP PROFICIENCY FOR EFFECTIVE TEAMWORK AND MANAGEMENT" During the project implementation process: 1-The documentation of all the activities and mobilities 2-The activities will go in according to the plan 3-In a possible case of problems suitable precautions will be taken 4-We will make the necessary efforts to ensure the visibility of the project 5-Be careful not to exceed the project budget 6-The documentation of all expenses incurred during the project The education which will be covered by the project "Visionary Leadership" will contribute to the internationalization of our school. The activities during the project will increase the value of our school and make it more international. Participants may reveal new visions for the future and will move towards being future-based thinking,creative and innovative educational leaders.