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Visualize the Invisible
Date du début: 1 juin 2013,

Co-ordinator: ArtAgent, Sweden Co-organisers: Performing Pictures, Sweden / Croatia, Refraction Association, Albania, Media Artes, MacedoniaIn the project Visualize the Invisible; organisations in Sweden and Balkan, will implement participatory art projects in Sweden, Croatia, Albania and FYROM. The project will start 1 May 2013 and run for 20 months. The artists will use different art forms as video, installation, performance and dance in co-operation with people in residential areas, roman communities, in social institutions as prisons, schools and cares institutions and reach a wider discussion about arts impact for a societal change. All participants will be a part of a mutual artistic creative process, both the artists and the people they are interacting with. An important aspect in the project is to wider the art-market in the specific area and make it visible in an European context. The artists will share their experiences with each other through workshops in Balkan and finally in an international exhibition and book release in Sweden. The outline will be to examine arts role in the society, to give artistic tools, concept and theories and to build interdisciplinary and international networks. There are many advantages in bringing artists to take place in institutions, communities and working places. In this project, art can act as a different role model; the relationship to the artist will be more equal rather than to someone in authority. The artists will inspire and give confidence to the participants with new approaches and provide extra “tools in the tool box”. Countries as Albania, Croatia and FYROM have low funding for cultural organizations and artists and the access of culture for all citizens is still at a low level. To Visualize the Invisible means realizing cultural rights and ensuring that everyone possesses them despite their gender, social, ethnical, religious and cultural background.


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