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Visualise Me
Date du début: 8 août 2016, Date de fin: 7 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe is facing challenges which youth work and non-formal learning activities should contribute to by it’s best. Increasing awareness about refugees and asylum seekers, encouraging intercultural and interreligious dialogue within local communities, integrating young people with fewer opportunities, promoting diversity and passing on fundamental values of European society is extremely important, so innovative and creative methods could provide new approach of tackling these problems. Visualised methodologies such as graphic facilitation and graphic recording suggests innovative and involving way for youth workers to engage with young people.Training course “Visualise Me” aims to introduce 27 youth workers from 8 countries (Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, UK) with the methodology of graphic facilitation and graphic recording in order to improve the quality of their daily youth-work activities. During the training course participants will be Introduced with graphic recording, graphic facilitation and edu-sketching techniques. They will have a hands-on practice of graphic recording and facilitation with the real group of young people and space to reflect and feedback on personal achievements. Also participants will have a space to plan how to apply these visual techniques in the work they do with young people in nowadays social context in Europe (planning and facilitating learning process, reflecting, assessing and recording learning achievements and etc.). We expect that competences gained within youth workers will motivate them to use graphic fasilitation in youth education as one approach within their repertoire of methods. Moreover a more inclusive, visual approach on the same level will increase their targer group’s capacity to participate in society.



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