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Visual methods to explore community
Date du début: 11 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 10 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context:Studies have shown that: “90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60.000 times faster in the brain than text”, All our partners have communication departments focused to increase visibility of the result of the approved Erasmus+ projects to key actors and to create impact of the projects at local, national and international level among key target groups. Most of the time, the campaign’s budget for this is small or inexistent and they do not access professional experts that can create professional videos and photos, while youth workers have limited expertise on how to use these tools for reaching audience. Visual methods to explore community is a solution provided to communication, digital specialists and project developers inside NGOs that need to improve their practical knowledge and competences in creating visual content (video and photography) as tools to increase visual awareness in their projects. The project contains 2 training courses that offer a comprehensive basis to understanding, designing and applying a participatory video project, respectively a participatory photography project. The content generated during both TCs will build a communication campaign with focus on positive community change.Goal:Developing competences, abilities and knowledge of 64 youth workers of 8 non-profit organizations from 8 partner countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Romania and Slovakia by organizing a 9 days training course, respectively a 10 days training courses in Băile Tușnad, Romania between: 06-14.05.2016, respectively 10-19.06.2016 on how to understand, design and apply a participatory video/ photography project.Objectives:O1. Developing practical knowledge, competences and abilities of 64 youth workers on how to understand, design and apply a participatory video/ photo project of 8 partner organizations from the above mentioned countries in Băile Tușnad, Romania until the end of the project.O2. Increasing the capacity of communication, marketing and project developing departments inside NGOs to create awareness with their projects by providing valuable visual content of the 8 partner NGOs from the above mentioned countries until the end of the project.O3. Developing one Guide with techniques of Photo/Video until the end of the project.Target group:The project includes 64 participants from 8 partner countries, 20 of them facing geographic, social and economic barriers. The structure of both TC consists of 5 phases: P1-Building groups, getting to know each other, safety and protection measurements, P2- Theoretical background and hands on experience on video making, scrip techniques/ community mapping, Gantt diagram for creating the timeline of the project cycle, ethical guidelines on photography. P3-work visit in the community, recording and editing the video/terms and techniques on photography, taking community pictures, editing with professional programs, analyze and apply copywriting techniques to prepare the Photo Exhibition;/discovering Erasmus+ P4- using video as media tool for generating impact, discovering tools and channels to promote the project and prepare for the exhibition, best communication techniques to influence decision makers, organize photo exhibition/ editing the Video/ Photo Guide. P5- Creating the web platform and DVDs for dissemination, final evaluation and certification.Methodology: Nonformal educational methods like: games, brainstorming, storytelling, Journalist method, community mapping, living library, graphic facilitation, Photo Voice, active participation in group activities, reflection sessions;Results and impact:Participants will increase knowledge, competences and skills on how to design and apply a participatory video/photo project in their work. By interacting with the people from the community, they will build trust, self-esteem and intimacy among the group. They will receive Youthpass as certification for the results of their learning. Moreover, the project also contributes to increase the capacities of 8 partner organizations by creating visual content and raise the impact and awareness of their future projects. The results of our project are useful resources for other NGOs, youth workers in communication/marketing departments. The project will raise visibility and create positive international impact by creating the web platform. The Guide will also be free to access for all international organizations (upload on Salto).Long-term results:The project is closely linked with the objective of Europe 2020, ensuring that people enhance digital literacy and skills, a priority of the “new skills for new jobs”.



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