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Visions for 2020- Towards ECVET for the Hospitality industry

The focus of the partnership (9 partners) is to influence the direction of European VET (Vocational Education and Training) concerning the Hospitality industry by involving participants from all levels of a student’s education: teachers, school principals, local/national education officials and industry leaders. The purpose of this is to gender a greater understanding for the need to harmonise the different educational standards in Europe so as to promote a greater mobilisation of the skilled workforce in Europe. Another issue which needs to be addressed is the falling status of vocational jobs in the hotel trade (research indicates that this will accelerate towards 2020) despite the fact that tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in Europe. How shall this be tackled in the future? The idea is to arrange a series of short internships of one week’s duration for the participants in order to learn how our European counterparts tackle the challenge of imparting VET students with international competencies as basis for work and education nationally as well as abroad as well as comparing educational systems.All partners will meet in Cyprus to plan an international conference and also to make a rough draft of the different ECVET for the industry. This rough draft will be the basis for discussions/workshops at the conference.The project will be concluded with an international workshop conference which examines ECVET for Hotel Management, Reception, Restaurant and Kitchen. The results from the conference will provide the basis for making a european certificate accepted by the trade throughout europe.



7 Participants partenaires