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Visible Learning - for alle
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

VISIBLE LEARNING – FOR EVERYBODY In consideration of the many changes, which are taking place in Folkeskolen* these years, new standards and structures, and the latest research, Sønderrisskolen has realised the necessity of becoming more skilled both at management and teacher level with visible learning for everybody. The focus of the school is planning, visible objectives, educational design within visible learning and guiding of the teachers amending the education practice. However Sønderrisskolen has realised that both management of the school and teachers do not have sufficient focus on objectives, learning design and feedback tools in relation to the actual education and in relation to development and progression of the students. Therefore Sønderrisskolen has chosen to look out – in an international context - for knowledge and experience in connection with upgrading of skills and changes of educational practice. With this project VISIBLE LEARNING – FOR EVERBODY Sønderrisskolen wishes to look at international school systems and their qualities. The school therefore choose different activities; continuing-, further education and job-shadowing. The project will make it possible to send management and teachers abroad to upgrade their skills and to acquire experiences, which can be used in the process of implementing the ambitious reform of Folkeskolen*. The school has chosen 3 focus points, which are to be strengthened: visible learning, primary language education and science. Since August 2014 the primary and intermediate stage teachers at Sønderrisskolen have been challenged with language education; English from class 1 and German from class 5. By offering the teachers continuing- and further education abroad they will be able to strengthen their own foreign language skills and get familiar with and experience new and different teachers’ methodology and resources. This also relates to science, which is a specific focus area in Esbjerg Kommune**. Sønderrisskolen has the same objectives for the involved teachers who will participate in continuing- and further education. Sønderrisskolen has chosen an international coordinator who is the project manager in the project VISIBLE LEARNING – FOR EVERYBODY. The management considers who will participate in this project based on various criterions; all teams will be represented, need at school level, interest, level of education and engagement. Regarding implementation of VISIBLE LEARNING – FOR EVERYBODY Sønderrisskolen works with management tools in connection with the teachers’ educational practice. These tools are based on the principles in Action Learning. The objective is therefore that the experiences made by the participating teachers are immediately implemented in each teacher’s educational practice. Focus of the implementation will happen in cooperation between management and the individual teacher. The project VISIBLE LEARNING – FOR EVERYBODY is expected to have an impact on several levels: • Locally – regarding changed educational practice (focus in teamwork and knowledge sharing) • On a municipal level – regarding collection of new knowledge (especially in relation to Esbjerg Kommune’s science project) • Nationally – regarding the national mindset (the new reform of Folkeskolen which has strongly been inspired by experience and methodology successfully used in other countries) and • Internationally – regarding new knowledge sharing and new cooperative relationships with other European school including management and teachers Sønderrisskolen choose to focus on upgrading of skills for both management and teachers in an international context. The school has no previous experience with cross-border cooperation so this project will both widen and strengthen Sønderrisskolen’s network internationally. Job-shadowing will bring Sønderrisskolen out in Europe and Europa into the school. In the long term Sønderrisskolen expects to further develop the cooperation with the European contacts both management and teachers make and to participate in more cross-border project where the student also get involved. This will furthermore encourage the awareness of our European citizenship. * the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school ** municipality