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Virtual Registry of the (under – on – above) GrOund Infrastructures (VIRGO)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At the moment European countries are not obliged to have a (virtual) registry of infrastructures, however public administrations, private or public enterprises and citizens feel the need of knowing how the various infrastructures are placed and managed and which are the relative responsabilities and properties as the lack of a single and common registry generates conflicts of competence between operators, duplication of efforts as well as loss of economic and environmental benefits.The objective of VIRGO is the realization of an European virtual registry of infrastructure on cloud. In order to create harmonised virtual registry of infrastructures at European level, the project intends to develop procedures for preparation of maps and regulatory provisions as well as the cloud registry. To test the efficacy and efficiency of the system, the project will realise 3 pilots in Italy, Portugal and Rumania characterised by the following characteristics: geograohical coverage and type of utilities included.The intgrated system will deliver to various end-users (public administrations, citizens, utilities companies and operators working on infrastructures) several services leading to optimizing public spending, improving the coordination of operators and managers involved and reducing the environmental impact of the interventions. The main oputputs and results are:1) an overall knowledge on how infrastructures are managed and on the relative legislation in each European country;2) an harmonised structure for a European virtual registry on cloud;3) guidelines to the various stakehoders on how to implement the virtual registry on cloud;4) white paper on legal framework to make the European virtual registry on cloud compulsory in all countries;5) implementation of virtual registry on cloud in 3 European countries (Italy, Portugal, Rumania) through pilot project;6) Defined and tested structure for a European virtual registry on cloud to be adopted in Europe.



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