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Virtual Multimodal Museum (ViMM)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mars 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Virtual Multimodal Museum (ViMM) proposes a major, high-impact CSA across the field of Virtual Museums (VM), within the overall context of European policy and practice on Virtual Cultural Heritage (VCH). A highly expert seven (7) partner consortium will leverage the support of a unique and powerful Advisory Group, consisting of many of the Europe and the world’s leading public and private sector organisations in the field, to define and support high quality policies, strategic and day-to day decision making, the utilisation of breakthrough technological developments such as VR/AR and to nurture an evidence-based view of growth and development impacted by VM, supported by a set of case studies in culturally-rich regions of South Europe affected by economic recession.Its work will be founded on building a consensual framework directly involving Europe’s leading VM decision-makers and practitioners in defining and resolving existing issues spread across 7 interlinked Thematic Areas (‘the 7 Ds’): Definitions – Directions – Documentation – Dimensions – Demand- Discovery - Decisions and will result in wide-reaching stakeholder participation and very high visibility. The latter will be achieved through organisation of key events at policy and practitioner/stakeholder levels, extensive use of the media, and by the introduction of a highly interactive and wide-reaching communication platform, deploying social media and novel approaches to enable focused debate by all interested parties, supported by access to representations of excellence and a decision-support tool for stakeholders.An initially broad and open approach will be refined through a process of definition, consolidation and resolution activities to arrive at a clear Manifesto and Roadmap for Action on VM, validated at a final ViMM international conference. Measurable impacts will be achieved on the role and capability of VCH – and VM in particular – to meet their enormous potential in society and the economy.



7 Participants partenaires