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Virtual Learning Environment for European Local Police – WebPOL

The WebPOL project will develop a virtual learning environment for European police personnel, with a particular focus upon three profiles, namely, police officer, inspector and official. The project will initially undergo an analysis of the training needs for the three local police services selected for the pilot (Valencia, Bologna and Bremen). Further activities will include the development of the web platform to include a training management interface, development of training content adapted to the e-learning environment and the piloting of the developed training modules in the three selected police services. The results of the pilot exercise will contribute to the final development of the training modules before validation. Project results will comprise the virtual learning environment which will include tutorials, information articles and chat facilities; a multimedia centre with ADSL access to the virtual learning environment; a training management system aimed at human resources personnel and a series of new e-learning modules covering topics such as traffic control, personal assistance, security, law enforcement and new technologies. For those involved in the pilot exercise, the project plans to award European level certification. Dissemination will be aimed at national police training organisations, in the participating partner countries, in addition to a wide range of European and international stakeholders (e.g. European College of Police, Interpol, the Association of European Police Colleges). Activities will include the hosting of a series of seminars, workshops and conferences, the release of articles to relevant press/journals and the production and circulation of publicity materials for the project (traditional and electronic formats).



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