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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Moreover, among the concerns of our organization we mention that of developing methodological and innovative solutions useful in educational activities which involve youngsters from the NEET category. In the " VIPs IN ACTION" project we intend to test the methodological solution called "the exercise firm", adapted in the EVS context. Volunteers from Turkey, Spain, France and Italy will act in mixed teams and each team will "establish" one "non- formal company" (which will operate under the legal name of Ofensiva Tinerilor) with its help they will simulate/experience tasks, according to Weekly Agenda. The two "companies" established at the level of each mobility will be encouraged to cooperate and frequently exchange experiences, putting the EVS volunteers in the position of entrepreneurs (educational , sociocultural entrepreneurs). For young NEETs experiencing situations of entrepreneurial success/failure (in a structured learning circumstance such as the "VIPs IN ACTION" mobilities) is essential and necessary. Erroneous decisions which in real life would cause even bankruptcy will not have negative economic consequences, but will be useful in learning lessons. We will not report the results acquired to the profit, but we will overlap them to qualitative/quantitative indicators that volunteers will insert from the beginning of the mobility in the "Intervention plans " (inspired by the model of " business plans ".Each mix team will submit an "intervention plan" that we will follow during the entire duration of the mobility, with the support of the youth workers suggested by Ofensiva Tinerilor, who have the role of "task -related support". The teams will develop the visual identity elements of "the company", communication/cooperation solutions with members of the target groups and the stakeholders, will assume positions/specific responsibilities, will create service-support "offers" in the teaching loads of the Weekly Agenda, will ensure archiving/traceability etc. Therefore:- the entrepreneurial spirit of the EVS volunteers will be developed by simulating entrepreneurial situations and the activity in a "company", involving them in full runs (planning + training + implementation + monitoring + evaluation + reporting), encouraging cooperation between teams and focusing on the results.- the creative spirit will be developed in the circumstances of several sets of tasks from the Weekly Agenda, EVS volunteers are encouraged, step-by-step, to develop creative materials to promote para sportive actions, public events to promote their access and use creative solutions for interacting with members of the target groups.E.g. during the creative and intercultural education workshops, EVS volunteers will experience methods such as workshops for dance/music/theater, with the support of unconventional "tools" (spoons, metal glasses, container for seeds etc); during the para-sportive activities, volunteers will experience creative team building solutions using adapted exercises like "the bell", "the farm" , the bus " etc.We elaborated these clarifications taking into consideration the remarks/recommendations the evaluators gave during R3/2015.



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