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VIP awareness raising on unemployment
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

VIEWS International in cooperation with five partner organizations from Germany (2 promoters), Italy (2 promoters) and France (1 promoter) want to establish a 16 months strategic partnership, from 1/09/2015 till 1/01/2017, which aims developing: - a strong partnership between the partners of the project - attracting more institutions that could hire or offer internships for young visually impaired young persons - sesitazation and awareness raising sessions for public job related institutions which will help these services to get a better understanding of the living condition vision impairment. We aim at improving the employment environment of vision impaired persons, by decreasing attitudinal barriers, imparting of important knowledge and raising awareness for their strengths and needs. This project will involve in the same time institutions with different profiles, all working for the integration of visually impaired persons, and young visually impaired persons (mainly unemployed). We estimate the number of the persons involved in this project at 1000. This project will include 3 transnational meetings, 4 long term mobility projects , 4 multiplier events (1per country) and 40 awareness national sessions (10/country). The intelectual outputs will be an awareness brochure and a policy paper which will be disseminated among diffrent European and national stakeholders. The methodology used will mix several types of non-formal means: brainstorming, working in small groups, debates, peer to peer learning, public debates, training & info sessions etc. We expect that with this project we will build a strong partnership, where more institutions will join this partnership and that all together we can build the second part of the strategic partnership (2017-2019), where more young visually impaired will be involved and more emploeyers will be aware about the benefits of hiring a visually impaired person in their working environment. The impact can be measured by how many future employers will join our project and how many young visually impaired persons will find a job after participating at this strategic partnership project. This strategic partnership will improve the interaction between different employement institutions, employers and visually impaired beneficiaries.


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