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Viability Innovation Scientific Creativity oriented network for training and instruction
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

VISConti is a network of 17 partner organisations from 9 countries including 3 universities, 7 VET schools, one network of schools, one association of professionals in education management, one policy maker, one IT company and three organisations engaged in research and promotion in industry. It is a partnership that has come together to create a virtual working space for structured interaction between students and teachers of science related subjects and IT and science professionals from industry. The project will develop and test web based tools for the assessment of projects by students in VET that will then be developed into a tool for use in a community of practice for creativity in science and IT both in education and in industry. VISConti will introduce a new approach and a new methodology for the generation and presentation of ideas or projects. It will generate tools that teachers will use to assess technical viability, economic potential and scientific creativity in project ideas as a new model for assessment. VISConti will create a community of practice in which students, teachers and professionals with a career in science or IT build their own professional profile and work their way towards better employability and possibly opportunities for mobility through a structured exercise in sharing ideas and soliciting or offering peer assessment on creativity and viability of ideas in science and technology. Members in the VISConti Community of Practice look at each other's projects from the aspects of technical viability, economic potential and scientific creativity using standard tools that will be available for the members of the community. Assessment tools will be designed after research in the field within the network of partners of VISConti and it will cover several areas and territories in order that methodologies can be adopted and adapted to the precise needs of the target group. The technological platform will facilitate the use of the tools and interaction in the VISConti Community of Practice will be developed in a collaborative manner between a VET school and an IT company in a perfect example of the kinds of collaborations that VISConti will create between schools and industry. The partners will benefit from training by experts from education and industry in two training events that will provide them with the right orientation towards creativity and viability aspects of ideas in science and technology. They will acquire knowledge about different approaches and views of creativity and viability and about the assessment and rating thereof. They will learn about the criteria and right conditions for successful communities of practice like the one they will take part in created by VISConti. There will be three major multiplier events in which VISConti will be brought to the education community in VET and to players in industry besides the partnership wide effort to augment membership of quality in the network and in the VISConti Community of Practice. The events will be organised in conjunction with the Scientix Conference in 2015 and in two other fora through the intervention of partners in the network that will ensure a successful synergy and partnership between VET and industry through joint activities in creativity in science, technology and IT.



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