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Via Urbana
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Urban mobility, artistic creation and youth participation. These are the three spines that articulate our project. It is a project initiated by a group of young local artists who rely on the structure of the municipal youth information center to develop their idea with an European dimension. Urban art is their focus and the mobility that allows public transportation (in our case the rail) is their way to meet other young people in similar situation. Thus, from the youth information center we have been working with them for a year and now we have decided to explore the situation in other parts of Europe. We will work on two parallel levels, first the animators and youth counselors who work with youth groups and second the youth themselves . This project has 3 parts . The first is a seminar of youth workers that will be address issues of urban mobility, urban art and youth participation. It will also serve to prepare local activities. The second part will be a series of local activities that each partner will develop in their environment. And the third part will be a youth exchange where young people will meet, share their local realities and learn new artistic techniques and citizen participation . Participation of 3 youth workers/professionals per partner is expected . The profile will be workers / professionals using city youth art as a tool of their regular activity. It will be a 5-day activity in which debates , visits to art spaces , interviews with young artists, workshops and exchange of good practices will be organized. This activity will take place in Silla ( Valencia). 300 youth participation in local activities is expected . These activities will be coordinated by the partners and will include both training workshops and exhibitions / collective artistic interventions and playful and festive gatherings. In all the local activities, the transnational component of the project will be present , providing a colorful dose of international partnership and visibility of EU funding . The participation of 33 young people and 7 leaders in the youth exchange is expected . The profile of the participants will be young people interested in urban art ( any form ) and motivated by meeting new people from other countries. Be an activity of 6 days in which games, workshops, group dynamics and cultural excursions will be organized in order to share the experiences of each other, to promote international mobility and to develop the skills and competencies set by the project. The expected impact is very large in the group of participants and their environment, both at the professional and youth level . Professionals can improve the quality of their work and youth multiply their motivation to participate in projects and skills (mainly cross-cultural and artistic).



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