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VET Staff Mobility For School Development
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Expectations towards VET are growing in nowadays world. It is not enough if schools have modern equipment and workshops, high level of teachers, curriculum and study material, effective partnership with other educational institutions and labor market are cruical as well as relevant and continuous planning of future. To achieve this goal it is equally important to develop teachers, whose main task is teaching and school leaders, who have the main task is to assure relevance and quality of VET and lead it's development consistent organization. Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality is one of the challenges of EU's strategic framework Education and Training 2020 addresses that mobility of students and teachers has to become regular integral part of VET, which helps to people develop their professional and intercultural skills and get over the language barriers. Aim of the project is to increase the quailty of training and develop Rakvere Vocational School as a whole organization. For that purpose Rakvere Vocational School is going to organize 27 staff mobilities to different EU countries to: give possibilities for staff members to learn from experiences of other schools and colleagues -develop pedagogical and professional competences of teachers -develop leadership competences of school management members -use the results of project to plan changes in 1) study process 2) supporting processes of study process 3) school management -use the results of project as input for school's new development plan. In addition mobility has influence on language and intercultural skills of participants, it supports contacts with colleagues from other countries and schools. New contacts and networks created during mobility project help participating organizations to develop their international cooperation, support exchanging of best practices, creates understanding and mutual trust between partners. Learning from experiences of partners helps to promote quality of education and in long perspective meet the needs of labor market and society in regional, national and international level and increase the attractivensess of VET.



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