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VET specialists competencies development in the field of positive parenting teaching
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Visible lack of specialists and purposive educational material for those, who work with youth, young people, families, single mothers, other socially and psychologically delicate contingent of society, or provide courses for VET educators working with mentioned group in the thematic area, such as personal and family development, health education related to family wellbeing and care of newborn baby, educating families in child and teenager nurture, traditional family values preservation, responsibility, and the most important for young couples - positive parenting skills embodiment and development. Problematic area which follows from the demand of qualified specialists in thematic area and the lack of methodical material for them, which would enable to work with adolescents, was analyzed and showed negative social statistics (high number of divorces (lack of understanding in family, knowledge how to grow the child, stress, lack of psychological, medical knowledge for wide social group, etc.), early-school leavers (when parents lack knowledge, understanding of preparation for future social life, teens become mothers at 16-18 years, etc.). Parenting is one of the most important tasks of the family and also the most important challenge of modern society. Parents play a vital role in ensuring children's growth and maturation, positively cultivating and educating and creating a safe environment. This is a very responsible, selfless and hard task. All parents are faced with higher or lower difficulties and challenges in upbringing their children. Most parents seek to improve relationships with children and find answers to questions related to their upbringing. The painful reality shows that Lithuania problematic social risk families with growing children often suffer neglect, various forms of violence, the number remains stubbornly high. One way to help these families, while at the same time reduce the number of divorces - is to develop their parenting skills, and learn more effective ways to communicate with the child, to respond to the child's needs and enable the successful development of the child. This includes the popular notion - "positive parenting". Positive parenting - is a child-rearing philosophy that is focused on the child's capabilities, strengths and skills. The main idea of Positive parenting - the development of the best qualities in the child and help him to reveal his potential, that he grew up able to fully realize their potential. The Project is important for the cooperation of vocational education and training specialists and social community. It leads to the needs for the EU countries, where still there is a lack of qualified professionals who work with young people, including education in both, formal and non-formal ways, encompass the training of positive parenting (family culture, relationships, tolerance, parenting). The project seeks to promote an independent and viable family of mutual assistance in solving family crises in educational activities related to the public disclosure of family values and positive parenting skills parenting education and early prevention among minors. The main aim of partnership is to promote vocational training systems and practices attractiveness, to exchange good practices, to develop better understanding of learners, quality and efficiency in participating countries, maintain international cooperation between institutions who work in the same area, deepen cooperation between vocational training organizations and labor market representatives. It is very important that project activities and objectives go together with all partners institutional strategical plans. The Project is necessary for the specialists of partners organizations, working in the field of prevention from early pregnancy and promoting the awareness of young people. Organizations need to work more effectively, increase competencies of the specialists and help teenagers and youth to understand consequences of early pregnancy and importance of positive parenting knowledge. The main result of the project, which is methodological material creation for specialists who work with young people, especially young families, single mothers, will enable specialists of participating organizations to work effectively and reduce number of teenagers of early pregnancy in project stage in 5 EU countries, and later sharing experience with others will transfer to other countries, will raise teenagers and youth awareness in the sphere of positive parenting in the future. The project will ensure spread of the information for the public and private sector organizations that work in family planning sector, education of youth, teenagers. Partnership is going to collaborate with stakeholdres in Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey while developing project results and later, to ensure sustainability of the project, and transfer knowledge and created results in other countries in Europe.



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