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Date du début: 1 déc. 2011,

The VET QI (VET QUALITY ICT) project, wants to promote and disseminate the adoption of innovative quality systems in vocational education applied to small and medium enterprises in ICT sector: the final goal is to improve the exploitation of market opportunities and the promotion of vocational education.The main need that project wants to address the application of EU quality policies in vocational education Training to operators, stakeholders and social parts. The QI project will detect and test innovative practices for VET operators providing services respondent to European policies requirements. The raccomandation of EQARF in june 2009 based on CQAF principles define a model that VETQI project wants to develop and appliance in economy ICT SMEs context. The quality protocol : PURPOSE AND PLAN – IMPLEMENTATION ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION – FEEDBACK AND PROCEDURES FOR CHANGE - will be applied in project activities by means of specific quality areas (within VET providers and SMEs). Therefore, VET QI improve the procedures control through checking the results. To carry out this project we’ll involve both economics activities Lifelong Learning sector (include social parts, vet providers) and ICT SMEs companies.. The main outputs will be an interactive web site with manuals and guidelines promoting the implementation of quality in Vet operators activities and in ICT SMEs vocational training, as well as the relevant testing phase and its results.The envisaged impact is very important: the application of detected models for quality in vocational education can really boost the exploitation of ICT SMEs market and increase the promotion and the effective value of vocational training for its users. In addition this methodological approach is based on competitive intelligence principles. As such it, allows to match new skills demanded in the ICT industry alongside learning resources in order to anticipate possible learning gaps in the labour market



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