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VET Qualification Practice for e-Inclusion

This project is a try to integrate the efforts of partners mainly from NMS and AC to transfer the developed in the Leonardo da Vinci project “VET4e-Inclusion” idea for e-facilitator as instrument for e-Inclusion with it's curriculum, methodology, technology, experience, appropriate LMS, content and use case scenarios. Based on this the core idea of the project is an innovation transfer to Turkey and FYROM of the developed curriculum for creating "e-facilitators", being the European Vocational Education and Training Solution for eInclusion and for bridging the digital divide. During the transfer all modules from the curriculum will be matched according the European and national ECVET and qualification frameworks. Cross cultural adaptation and localization of the developed under “VET4e-Inclusion” training materials , as well as development of additional training material according to national peculiar requirements will be elaborated to improve the quality of training for e-facilitators at the beneficiaries. The developed under “VET4e-Inclusion” eFacilitator curriculum is with aspects of community management, regional networking, management of the network center, workshop planning and promotion of employability and core ICT competences. It has been developed as a flexible and adaptable tool to qualify e-facilitators for social inclusion in selected national contexts. As special aim and main innovation of the project to lifelong learning we consider the transfer process of the existing curriculum to different national contexts, employing a localization process that takes different national and regional situations into account. The transfer will take into account the different professional profiles of the e-facilitators by expressing them in ECVET frames. The beneficiaries of the project will localize, adapt and extend, if needed, the curriculum. Conditions of formal recognition in the systemic context of the respective partner countries.The project will enlarge the curriculum by modules which qualify e-facilitators to use and implement learning opportunities with regard to key and transversal competences. This is an innovative contribution for further development of the existing curriculum for eFacilitator affecting the performance of their institutions, allowing them to better serve the economic and individual needs of improved transversal competences.



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