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VET Learners in Europe to gain professional skills in the wellness and beauty care sector
Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project WELLNESS#KEPASS, is in continuity with the project IPA Adriatic "KEPASS", promoted by Marche Region in 2013 and recently concluded. KEPASS had as an objective the integration of the Adriatic school systems in order to make the secondary education more competitive and create opportunities for student in terms of mobility and the mutual recognition of programs of secondary school, qualifications and diplomas, while also increasing connections between the education system and the labor market in the Adriatic area. Promoted by the Marche Region in partnership with a broad consortium consisting of 6 VET Schools, training organizations, social partners, employers' associations and companies, WELLNESS#KEPASS aims, therefore, in continuity with the project KEPASS, to improve the quality of education and vocational training, giving a European dimension to the educational paths and offering, as a result, the young participants the opportunity to test and deepen their skills and curriculum: professionalism in the specific sectors of wellness and beauty care, cultural knowledge and language training. This general objective, in line with the ET2020 Strategy, is pursued by an experience of European mobility for two different target of participants:A) Students (from 16 to 26 years - 50% women) still in training in the three-year paths (IeFP 14) of VET schools or in vocational training courses (Beautician - Heardresser). For this target it will be organized an internship for a period of one month by the hosting companies abroad: 1 mobility flow for each of the 5 hosting countries (MT, ES, PT, FR, UK), for a total of 80 participants;B) Young people (aged 18 to 29 years - 50% women) who have successfully concluded, by not more than 12 months, Beautician or Heardresser paths, getting the related professional qualifications. For this target will be organized a work-based learning path lasting three months by the hosting companies abroad: 1 mobility flow for each of the 5 hosting countries (MT, ES, PT, FR, UK), for a total of 70 participants.In order to promote the social inclusion, the project promotes access to this specific experience to students at risk of dropping out and with socio-economic, language and cultural disadvantage, among them migrants and students belonging to ethnic minority (to them is reserved 30% of mobility experiences).The project, lasting two years, thus aims to achieve the following objectives:- Increase learning opportunities in another country for the students in the field of beauty care, a sector, till now, with fewer opportunities than other sectors, aimed at acquiring the skills needed to make the transition to the world of work in a fifferent environment in terms of techniques, services and equipment;- Foster partnerships between the VET systems and the world of work for the implementation of flexible and taylor-made plans for the learners, aimed at the acquisition of skills related to practical experiences, and guiding the student to the definition of their personal professional plan;- Promote the linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness of the EU;- Support the implementation of European instruments for recognition and transfer of competencies acquired in the ECVET framework;- Strengthening a NA and EU network of schools, VET providers and enterprises to enable the professional development of the sector and the improvement of the training in order to reduce early school leaving and unemployment.The main expected results from the project will have, therefore, an impact on the participants in terms of increasing the skills acquired in a European context of the two professional profiles involved, increasingly demanded by the world of work; on the participating institutions that will broaden their outlook enriching their curriculum plans; on companies, trade associations and the social partners through the consolidation of the network.The results of the project will also have a significant impact on the target groups, both direct and indirect:- Reduction of early school leaving;- Improvement of the attractiveness of VET paths that deal with beauty care and wellness;- Development of the “Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro” paths through mobility experiences abroad;- Sharing between the three systems (VET, enterprises and network operators) approaches and methodologies on Work-Based Learning in coherence with the Agenda 2020 in a European context;- Diffusion of the concept of learning for achieving competencies;- Diffusion of the culture of "transparency" and the recognition and transferability of skills and competencies acquired in different sectors and countries.



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