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VET for Business Process Management on Interactive Board
Date du début: 14 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 13 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Scope: This project proposal aims at introducing the Business Process Management (BPM) model in the vocational schools in Bulgaria, and the elaboration of new and dedicated curricula for engineering students assisting them on their road to the labor market. Considering the detailed realization of this project idea, it shall work on reaching the following specific objectives: - Enhancing the necessary conditions for business development in students with engineering profile and background; - Improving teacher's competences for elaboration of new internationally based curricula for BPM and Labor Market realization models. - Introducing digital lessons for VET education, based on BPM with labor market competences for interactive white boards. The proposal targets the students and graduates, involved in vocational education process in professional schools with engineering profile, and teachers who have their interest in teaching Business Management and Labor Market characteristics, roles and tactics for realization. Following the above mentioned the following target groups can be described: - Engineering students (age 15-20) in the pilot region of Pirdop, as well as young people from the partner countries, coming from regions with similar characteristics and industrial dependence. - Teachers experienced in business development, and labor market realization curricula at national and international level. - Local and national business and industry. - Universities and academia - Local active citizens supporting (incl. financially) optional new business initiatives. - Municipal and national administration, labor offices workers, and experts from the National agency for vocational education and training. Project resutls: D.0. Quality and evaluation plan for the project implementation. D.1. In-depth ex-ante evaluation and needs assessment report of the local needs, communicated within the vocational schools in engineering. D.2. New educational curriculum for BPM and Labor Market skills, dedicated to students (equiv. O1). D.3. Report on organized train of teachers combining short-term physical mobility (1 week) with 4 moths virtual training; Providing special national recognized certification for the participants, e.g. ECVET certificate. D.4. Report of piloting and approbation process with recommentations for fruther exploitation and introduction. D.5 Project web site. D.6. Mid-therm progress report with evaluation and recommendations for public and other stakeholders involvement. D.7. Valorization and exploitation plan. This document shall state the copyright of the intellectual outputs. D.8. Dissemination of the project results among local and national media. D.9. Quality and evaluation plan. Activities to be carried out: The project will follow strict number of activities for reaching the expected results and impact on the youth population in the pilot region of Pirdop, combining the experience and competences of the partners for BPM in marginal socio-economic areas. A1. In-depth ex-ante assessment of the community potential and local needs. This activity will be organized and inquiry-based assessment of the local needs, interest of the youth community in the pilot region taken as a model for other regions with similar conditions. It will be leaded by PGME - Pirdop. A2. Building new vocational training practices, dedicated local community based on previous experience among partners. New blended educational curricula for the local youth population – combining new extracurricular classes and non-formal learning practices. The elaboration and approbation of this new and specific education curricula for BPM will pass through 2 stages: (A2-1) Stage 1: Introducing new methodologies for teaching BPM and Labor Market skills and values, as business and management basics, innovative market etc. to the local youth communities among the partners; Coordinated by PGME-Pirdop. During this stage new educational curricula will be elaborated and tested with at least 15 representatives of the local youth community. (A2-2) Stage 2: Approbation process supported by the partners. (PGME-Pirdop, BICERO, GI) The approbation process will take one full period of 4 months, for testing the content. A3. Organized train of trainers as a short-term training (1 week) with 4 moths virtual training; The virtual training will be combined with the 1st stage of the curricula, via securing the participation of international lecturers. (BICERO) A4. Evaluation of the project results. (GI,Lt). A5. Valorization and dissemination of the project results (all partners) A6. Project management, and coordination meetings. (PGME-Pirdop). Project management meetings will held each 6 months, where the last meeting shall be combined with the final multiplier event. Duration: 24 months (Starting date: 1 September 2015| Ending date: 31 August 2017)



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