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VET A Sangriña-Eramus+
Date du début: 31 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A Guarda is located in the southwest of Galicia, on the border of Portugal and 60 km. away from Vigo, this geographical location has limited the access to the higher education and labour market for our students. The participation in Leonardo da Vinci 2013 Project and Erasmus+KA102 in 2014 gives a high impact to the participants, both personal and for the rest of the education community , because it strengthens the European dimension of education and helps to weakens the consequences of the current economic situation, giving our pupils more professional and personal competence. This project consolidates the commiment of the IES A Sangriña to achieve the general goals required for the strategy Europe 2020. The main issue of this project is to offer to our students of CC. FF. Intermediate level the possibility of developing a period of work experience in companies located in Italy and Portugal in order to know other work disciplines and new methods. Two groups were organized with 11 mobilities of old and new students of families of Microcomputers systems, Administration management, Electro mechanical vehicles and bodywork. In the first group, from 18th March to June 15th of 2016, 3 previous students were sent to some Italian companies to complete their practical training, these participants had some previous labour experience, they were unemployed before formative cycle. In the second group, from 26th April to 24th June of 2016, eight students during their last year, after their practice for 15 days in companies around our area, completed their practical experience in companies of Portugal and Italy. These participants had not any previous labour experience. For all of them, this mobility allowed them to integrate them in other kinds of work and different techniques. The results show the improvement of their personal skills (both social and communicative). As a result, a deep impact has been achieved at both local level (beneficiaries, educational community , town) and regional level, specially throughout different activities developed in Portugal, our border country, whose language is available in our high school. Over a long time, the benefits will be not just in the professional future of the participants, but in the institution itself, with a remarkable improvement of our education quality, a solid internationalization and a wide range of possibilities in the vocational education.



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