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Veselá e-kniha angličtiny pre deti /Lively English book for children
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

A priority for all education programmes of European countries is a necessity of learning foreign languages. Different countries use various methods to form an independent and capable human being who can be fully integrated into the European labour market. We are standing at the beginning of this language education when we are going to built the basics. To make them stronger, we have created a project called - Lively English Book for Children. The e- book is going to be created by pupils and teachers themselves and so they will support the inner motivation to improve and to be creative. Six partner schools are going to take part into the project and English is the primary foreign language for them which is educated in these schools. Thanks to partner meetings we want to implement English direct to schools, among pupils and teachers. We want the pupils to be interested in language learning by direct contact of the foreign language. Creating of e- book is a challenge not just for pupils but also for teachers who use English on the basic level or even on the low level. A whole process of the project will proceed on modern technologies which build up a creative and multicultural environment especially for pupils. There is also very important to develop creativity, art skills, cooperation and other competences needed in the process of learning. The e- book has got 8 units which are going to be created internationally via cooperation of small teams of pupils and teachers in partners ´countries. It is going to contain vocabulary, education texts, exercises, short movies, dialogues, comics, pictures, etc. Main aims of international meetings are to obtain and change good experiences from the creation of the e- book, from the process of learning using the book and also to assure the direct contact of English in schools thanks to pupils´ and teachers ´meetings by formal and informal way. The idea of the project is to start up a need of our pupils and teachers to learn a foreign language and also to direct the attention of parents straight to their pupils´ education.



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