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Vertical TransIstors for Driving Flexible Displays (VidFlex)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2014, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Flexible displays based on organic light emitting diodes are seen as a key innovation in the display industry, allowing novel applications such as bendable or rollable, and thus unbreakable, displays. Rollable displays would also be suitable for roll-to-roll production, a way of dramatically reducing production costs. However, the development of flexible displays has been hampered by the lack of a suitable transistor technology that can be used to address and drive individual OLED pixels. Current technologies all either degrade under mechanical stress or have inadequate performance.Vertical organic transistors, as developed in the ERC project “NuDev”, could address this need and enable a breakthrough in flexible displays. In this project, this new transistor technology will be brought to a proof-of-concept stage, demonstrating the market and innovation potential of vertical organic transistors. To formulate a sound business plan to be presented to venture capitalists and other potential investors, all necessary market information will be gathered. In particular, a detailed comparison of the vertical transistor technology to its competitors will be carried out, necessary steps to market introduction will be detailed, an IP strategy will be developed, and potential customers in the display market will be approached. This information will help to focus the continuing technological development (funded both by NuDev and additional national and industrial funding) and to assess the commercial potential of the technology. By the end of the VIDFLEX project, a decision will have been taken as to whether to commercialize the new technology in a spin-off company or in a co-marketing activity with Novaled.