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Vertical Plant Life
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Due to demographic changes it is foreseen that the number of inhabitants in urban environments will increase to 80% until 2050. Urban areas are therefore the places in which environmental problems most affect the day-to-day life of Europe’s citizens. Green spaces in urban areas have significant potential to improve the quality of life of city and town dwellers, the urban environment and urban sustainability. The concept of green architecture enables the establishment of various green spaces in urban areas including vertical gardening by using outdoor and indoor green vertical walls which can be built up at the walls of the concrete buildings, buildings interior, fences and other surfaces adequate for the cultivation of ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries. Setting up a green vertical walls is a concrete passive yet effective contribution to the sustainable decreasing of energy consumption and environment protection and at the same time raise the quality of bioclimatic development of the building themselves. How education can cope with the facts identified? One of the basic quality requirements of vocational education and training systems is the capacity of responding and adjustment to the labour market demands. With this in view the project » Vertical Plant Life« directly refers to the relevant items within Bruges Communiques 2011- 2020 i.e. » The transition to a green economy is a mega trend which affects needs across many different jobs and sectors. Many of the skills can be found in the existing occupations, but the labour market requires more efficient balance between developing generic green skills and specific skills. We need to improve the capacity of VET to respond the changing requirements of the green labour market. Today's pupils and students will still be in the beginning of their career in 2020 with at least 30 years to go in their professional live, and some of them in occupations that do not exist today.” The objectives addressed by the project “ Vertical Plant Life” lies in the very core of statements. The general aim of the project is to assure professional approach to described demands of green architecture/green vertical walls through the adequate education and training, validation and recognition of outputs through the use of European references tools. Project specific objectives that are linked to the education and training are: -Development and implementation of new and innovative In-service teacher training in the field of vertical gardening for VET teachers. -Development and implementation of the new and innovative VET module in the field of vertical gardening for students (secondary level). -Incorporation the new VET module for students in open curriculum of existing formal VET educational programs and make validation and recognition of the module through the use of European references tools. -Setting up the indoor and outdoor green vertical walls at VET centres as teaching and learning units -Development of Moodle based e-learning platform with interactive and textual learning material The “Vertical Plant Life” project partnership is made of 5 partners. All the partners develop their daily work in a close relation with the horticulture, landscaping, agriculture, gardening, nature preservation and renewable energy but their expertise are different and complementary thus guaranteeing the development of the synergies needed to achieve the objectives foreseen in the work plan.



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