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Versatile targets for the interaction with a laser (VERTICAL)
Date du début: 1 juin 2012, Date de fin: 31 août 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The VERTICAL (Versatile targets for the interaction with a laser) proof of concept project will exploit the innovation potential of laser-driven gamma ray radiography. This initiative ambitions to deliver transportable and reliable high repetition rate gamma-sources to answer to identified industrial probing needs of rapidity, compactness and safety.The ERC Proof-of-Concept 2011 call represents an opportunity to address, from 2012, the economic and technical parts of the VERTICAL project.The economic part consists in the achievement of a sound international market study to unveil the full commercial potentialities of our proof-of-concept, the creation of a venture (called SourceLAB) dedicated to the development and to the commercialization of innovative compact X- and gamma-sources, and the registration of patents and handling of Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR). The technical part consists in the development of innovative target prototypes for X-and gamma-tomography at high repetition rate, the development of precision targetry for shaping an intense laser pulse at high repetition rate, and the development of a high added value kit « laser + target », in partnership with the laser technology industry, for broader applications (secondary sources of particles and radiations) in the field of laser-plasma interaction.The possible success of the innovative VERTICAL project is regarded as a significant breakthrough for societal applications in dense matter probing (cargo scanning, facility safety, component defect detection) of the research about LPA, underlied by the ERC PARIS project, with also very positive impact for the academic and industrial activities in laser-plasma interaction and eventually, a promising dispersion in the society of safe laser-driven sources of particles and radiations.