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Vers un vendeur plus européen
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Vers un vendeur plus européen" (Heading For a European Salesperson) is intended for 5 retail students of Saint Pierre Vocational School, which is located in Calais. They are under age, only one student will be of age when the experience takes place. They belong to lower social classes and suffer from bad economic conditions because of a severe local crisis. This mobility project is part of the students' curiculum. They have to carry out a work placement in a foreign company if they want to obtain and benefit from a special "euro label " on their diploma. Nevertheless, due to the students' low level of English, and so that they can perform their wok placement in the best-conditions , the students need a language preparation. Saint Pierre Vocational School wishes for a collaborative work with LanguageUK, a language school in Kent, to organise the students' preparation and monitoring (finding adapted host shops, mentors, proper host families, organising transport, ...). Then, the project is part of the the French vocational school's mission statement and shows the school' s winllingness to develop students' personal and professional fulfilment in today's world. This mobility experience fits the French vocational college 's commitment to develop its European dimension as well as its network of European partners. The project aims at developing the students' work skills, adaptability and employability, so that they can fit the European world of work better. And that aspect goes hand in hand with a personal, cultural, intercultural fulfilment as well as an awareness of what takes place elsewhrere. The experience in Great Britain will last for 2 weeks. The students will perform a 4-day language preparation and will then be trained in the selected shops. An important impact on the students is expected regarding their motivation, school and exam results, tolerance and future mobility. As for the impact on the French school, a strengthening of the school's image as well as a development of its internationalisation and European dimension are expected. In the long run, Saint Pierre Vocational College plans to provide training and a mobility experience for European students (Erasmus charter ?).



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