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Vers un langage commun
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Toward a common language” has been conceived with 5 vocational high-schools within the foundation “Apprentis d’Auteuil” which, since 1866, takes care of disadvantaged young people who face strong social and family challenges and who are placed either by the social services or their families. “Apprentis d’Auteuil” is a state recognised foundation since 1929 which runs more than 200 centres in France (children’s homes, boarding schools, mainstream and vocational schools, apprenticeship and lifelong learning centres); within these centres more than 14 000 children and young people are welcome in care or for preventive support. The regional department in “Ile-de-France” region manages 68 centres with 4329 young people from 0 to 21. Thanks to the International and Prospective department, which belongs to the national head office of the foundation and develops international cooperation with 150 partners in education, training and transition into the labour market (Europe, Africa, Middle-East), almost 110 young people in “Ile-de-France” region have been involved in international projects: job placements, exchanges and solidarity summer camps. The project “Toward a common language” will be managed by the regional department for “Ile-de-France”; the project will involve 196 disadvantaged teenagers facing school and personal challenges and they will be placed for work during 2 to 4 weeks in Europe. They are girls and boys schooled in the initial vocational training of 5 different high colleges. Their age flows between 16 and 25 years old and they are studying for the French “BEPA”, “CAP/CAPA” or “Bac professionnel” diplomas in the fields of gardening, horticulture, rural and social services, health and well-being services, catering services (cooking, watering, reception). Given the beneficiaries special needs, strengthened preparation will be delivered together with an increased number of full-time accompanying teachers (2 adults each group). The project begins in the next school year’s start and will end on September 2016 (24 months and 12 flows). Five European hosting partners are engaged in the project with their network of enterprises. They all have participated in international projects and the previous Leonardo da Vinci program. These organisations target at-risk youth and run care and support services. Their enterprises have already hosted our young people for job placements. The project’s goals are: - To answer to the specific request from diverse stakeholders (schools, public agencies and our foundation) which is to increase the number of young people experiencing international mobility; - To improve young people’s employability within the agriculture and catering sectors through a multiplication of the professional skills (foreign languages in particular) but also through a development of their personal talents that are necessary to grow up and start over; Thus in return: - 80% of the young people involved will get an initial vocational training diploma, they will dispose of stronger capacities to communicate by using a specialised vocabulary - 80% of the young people involved facing social, family and school challenges will find a job within the 2 or 4 following months after their diploma; this will also demonstrate how mobility contributes to this transition when it is integrated in the school education strategy; - 100% of the young people involved will gain in independence and maturity Each participating school’s coordinator for the project will be supported during the realisation of the activities by the International and Prospective department (head offices) which will enable them to find the European partners and which will also give administrative support; moreover, the regional department project manager will support school in their specific organisation of mobilities.



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