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Verification for heterogeneous Reliable Design and Integration (Verdi)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2011, Date de fin: 31 août 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Systems of Systems (SoS) are heterogeneous whereby the functionality more and more rely on the interaction and interoperability between the analogue/mixed-signal (AMS), digital electronics, software and other physical domains.To achieve the required reliability, robustness and quality of SoS, mastering the heterogeneous behaviour across domains is the most essential part during the development process. The traditional barriers between different design disciplines such as system design, verification and prototype validation should be removed, by introducing an integral system verification and validation methodology.Verdi aims at improving the design efficiency and quality by developing methods and tools to address the design challenges related to heterogeneous integration. It will link simulation-based, "pre-tape-out" system analysis and verification with system validation and analysis of the physical prototype using measurement equipment, by:•\tDefining an unified system-level verification and validation methodology•\tSpecifying a Reuse strategy for verification IP, across and inside companies and for different product generations•\tDefining a path from verification IP to validation IP, to bridge the gap between verification and prototype validationThe unified system-level verification library developed in Verdi will bring new concepts to continuously validate the SoS throughout the product creation process, based on methods to create and reuse verification components and IP such as stimuli, test-benches, analysis algorithms, etc.The Verdi methodology and library will demonstrate for safety critical automotive SoS applications: power-train, in-vehicle networking and airbag.As the methodology and library will extend industry-recognized standards (Universal Verification Methodology, SystemC and IP-XACT) they will be actively brought to standardization (Accellera, OSCI), enabling promotion and wider adoption in the industry in other heterogeneous applications.



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