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Verhoging expertise en verzelfstandiging van het team
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EVA is a young organization that has been established in 2000. The organization grew rapidly and we have been challenged move from a small volunteer organization to a professional organization with staff and volunteers. Recently, EVA started working along the Agile principles where both staff and volunteers are given more responsibility and are able to make more decisions in their job. As a result, there have been some shifts in the job content and this kind of working demanded a new way of thinking and cooperation.We feel the need to support the team members and volunteers in their personal growth and in ensuring satisfaction in their new role. A number of technical and substantive skills are missing to be able to work more efficiently, particularly in areas such as communication, campaigning, community action, coaching, ...To meet these needs, EVA would be happy to send 12 team members and volunteers on trainings and job shadowing abroad. Intensive courses organized by partnerorganizations in other countries will make exchanges possible through informal contacts and lbest practices. It's a nice way to network and get to know collegues from other countries. In addition, they acquire expertise that is provided by the partner organization and their experts. The experience of working in a European context, and the international character of the meetings, will create an enriching and inspiring experience.16 workshops are programmed to respond to the specific needs of the participants. In addition, five jobshadowings ensure that an immersion in a different, but very similar, work environment can provide new insights that are transferable to the day to day work.These mobilities will be thoroughly prepared by both EVA and the host organization to create a useful learning experience for the team and volunteers. The knowledge will be spread within the team and further in the organization and beyond. This will happen through oral presentations, written reports, in the internal wiki system and through reporting to partners and interested parties.We hope that these mobilities will create short term advantages like more efficiency in the work of the EVA team, higher job satisfaction, better self-confidence and new creativity. On the long term, we hope this experience will make that we can rely on an increasingly strong team of employees and volunteers, who continue to grow in their jobs and continue to work with full passion for the organization and its mission.



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