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Verbesserung der Qualität des CLIL-Unterrichts in berufsspezifischen Fächern und Festigung der Fremdsprachenkompetenz
Date du début: 26 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 25 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our mission and goal is to offer students a high-quality vocational education, with strong emphasis on good technical and vocational communication skills in English, both in the CLIL, as well as in the bilingual classes. This increases the qualification and employability of our graduates. Therefore, we want to enlarge the number of qualified teachers for CLIL and bilingual education. In order to realize this intention, we want 3 teachers of the design and computer science departments to attend on specific training courses this year and the following year. The participants will improve their general language skills, methodology expertise and intercultural skills. After the training, participants will share their experiences and knowledge with other colleagues of our school, and support them in the development of CLIL and bilingual teaching concepts in an advisory capacity. The departments of our school co-operate with partner institutions in several European projects, the knowledge of additional foreign languages would imply a major advantage. Our aim is to promote and expand European cooperations, so this training activity of the teachers is seen as a valuable contribution to our curriculum, and long-term school development.