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Verbesserung der Kompetenzen in der pädagogischen Nutzung computergestützter Applikationen und Programme zur Förderung der kommunikativen Kompetenzen auf dem Weg zu einer Internationalisierung der Schule
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our school is planning a project which will support our teachers in using information and communication technologies more efficiently in their classrooms in order to help pupils develop their communicative competences, especially listening and speaking skills. We also aim for greater and deeper international exchange on the management and teacher level so that we can review and develop our classroom routines and departmental procedures. The school has improved and extended its IT and communications facilities over the last two years. New computers, projectors, sound systems and Wi-Fi facilities have been set up. At the same time a three-year iPad project has been launched at lower secondary level. These facilities are meant to help meet the standards of the new curriculum which has been introduced and implemented. They offer access to a variety of media and allow individual and autonomous learning. Especially the modern foreign language departments can profit from these facilities as they can be used to access authentic foreign language media as well as to monitor the pupils' language learning progress. It is expected that an efficient use of these technologies will lead to better results in both national and international test formats and exams. We will send a member of staff to a teacher training course focusing on a better and more efficient use of technologies such as blogging, videos and podcasting in the English language classroom. The course will take place in Oxford. The colleage chosen is our school's coordinator for teaching methodology development; she is the Head of the English Department and also the coordinator of the school's England exchange programme. She will work in close co-operation with the Head Office, the other modern language departments and the IT and evaluation co-ordinators to prepare the training, to implement and evaluate the newly learned teaching skills and to document and communicate their success both on local and regional levels. The school also aims at an intensified international exchange on a professional level, both with our European twin schools and by means of eTwinning and Job Shadowing.