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Verbesserung der Fähigkeiten zur pädagogischen Nutzung der technischen Medien zur Förderung der Internationalisierung
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Based on various experience concerning school-partnerships and pupils exchanges we aim at the improvement of the possibilities to use technical media for educational purpose in order to support internationalization. The project shall encourage learners to communicate in foreign languages, here English, to prepare them for living and working together in an international context, especially the communication at universities and in their future career. It is also an important issue to deepen the communication with partner-schools in Europe. The project wants to rise the willingness of pupils and teachers to communicate with foreign cultures. In addition it seems to be essential to integrate students with migration background with the help of foreign language education. The two applicants qualified themselves because of their personal commitment and high motivation. Both teachers are well- qualified end experienced English teachers and took successfully part in another European Qualification Project in2009 in Dublin. They are perfectly able to work with all their newly- gained knowledge and experience from this qualification during their lessons and to introduce it to their colleagues for further use. Activities and procedure for the current project: Refreshment of English language, learning of new methods for motivation of students, usage of new media, e.g. videos, computer and other technical equipment for communication with partner-schools, adaption of new methods and exercises into the curriculum and textbooks, didactics and methodology of new motivational programs, analysis and correction of own use of foreign language and further use with pupils in lessons Planned project procedure/timeline: July/August 2015– Course attendance September 2015– Feedback concerning content of the course for colleagues, presentation of ideas and methods, finding of interested teachers to join the project September-December 2015 – Introduction and testing January-July 2016 – Realization and reflection of methods in international context (school-partnerships) September 2016 – Determination of new aims because of gained experience, mediation of results and finding of new followers (pupils/teachers/partner schools) October-May 2017 – Realization of optimized second phase June 2017 – final reflection and presentation of results This project aims better skills and advanced knowledge of new methods for English lessons and communication via modern media. Furthermore it shall improve the quality of foreign language lessons but also better advancement and motivation for students in English lessons .Moreover it optimizes the communication with our partner schools. We want to encourage an exchange with teachers not only of languages but all subjects to inform them and let them take part in our experience and knowledge. In the long term we expect a consolidation of international relationships by the use of modern technical media.