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Verbattle meets Europe
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Speak up and change the world, that's the motto of the Verbattle educational programme as well as a summary of reasons why the Czech debating society decided to implement this project: Educational programme and competitive debate style Verbattle was founded ten years ago in India. During its existence in India Verbattle gained considerable popularity among the youth. Czech debating society licensed this training program as the only organization within the European Union. This project with the participation of partner organizations Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia), Asociatia Tinerilor Activi Civic (Romania) and Biedriba Eurofortis (Latvia) sending (incl. coordinator) 36 youths and 10 leaders is aimed through seminars work of with information, logic, formulating opinions and arguments, public speaking, presentation skills and other soft skills to improve participants communication and language skills. It equipped them to full active participation in social discussion and intercultural dialogue, strengthened their rational and logical thinking, gave them awareness and respect for democratic values ​​and ideals, an example of good practice, knowledge of the activities of civil society and the power of influence of local leaders, through experiential education awareness a social responsibility of the individual, the state and the international community (EU) and finally strengthened their degree of tolerance for diversity, attitudes towards social inclusion and brotherhood in the best sense of the word. Participants were present in approximately balanced sex ratio in the age of 13-20 years. Activities combined education and experience to achieve a balance between intellectual and physical stress. Participation in the project strenghtened participants in the development of key competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) with regard to their personal development and employability. Given that the project has been disseminating new teaching methods of Verbattle, the project also supported personal development of individual leaders and in a figurative sense even organizations with a view to improve quality of teaching and youth work. Partner organizations and leaders have tried Verbattle in their organizations and schools. Thus, the project has led to increased capacity and attractiveness of the transnational dimension of organizations active in youth education making it possible to offer an educational program that better meets the needs of individuals within or outside the EU. The choice of project language - English - ment that all participants improved language skills for foreign languages. The program was designed so that the participants were encouraged in willingness to learn and the ability to participate in the activities of civil society and developed in them a sense of European identity. Participation in the project enhanced synergies and transmission between formal and informal education, employment or self-employment.



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