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Βελτίωση ποιότητας παροχής εκπαιδευτικών υπηρεσιών
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The implementation of this project proposal entitled: " Improving training services" regard to teacher training of 54 kindergarten of Peiraias in Human Resourse Management within the overall goal of the school unit has set, for upgrading of education. Specifically, the school unit is a public kindergarten composed of two day parts and one inclusive class of children with special needs. The staff consists of 5 kindergarten teachers, 2 of them are teachers for pupils with special needs. We had identified a great need for teacher training in skills related to communication. The specificity of this school and the increasing requirements to address key issues mainly in relations between kindergarten teachers and parents of children and the competent authorities responsible for the operation of the unit, call for further training of teachers so that their are able to cope with their difficult task. We had asked the transition of a teacher to a five-day training course in Prague to attend the above program under the organization which has a great experience in this field. The teacher who took part in the course had extensive experience in education and was chosen not only because she had been trained several times in education issues and she had very good level in english but she was also the headmistress of the school so she was responsible for the management of relations between colleauges and between school and other agencies. The training program involved the development of communication skills training, negotiating skills, interpersonal skills within the hierarchy and teamwork aimed to increase the mobility and the creation of partnerships between EU countries as well as intercultural development. The expected results which have been drawn are Improvment of communication and negotiation skills Improving administrative skills increased capacity for cooperation at international level lifelong learning and guidance on career issues. Improving English language skills strengthening the professional profile Intercultural awareness with positive and long term benefits. There has been impact on the exchange of methods and best practices with colleagues from other countries, en-richening knowledge of participants and the dissemination of results to other country teachers The participation of our school in this course has not only met the needs for the training of our staff in the ground object but might become a starting step to promote further cooperation in the future, in other actions of the Erasmus + program.