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VDJ Vaunières 2014
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Volunteers will be hosted in the hamlet of Vaunières for 12 months. This SVE project is intended to contribute to local rural development, to promote regional cultural heritage, and to increase intercultural understanding. Narek ( Armenia), Solveiga ( Latvia) and Lisa (Germany) will actively participate in the leadership of the workcamp activities developed on site, in the management of the hosting center and in the organization of cultural events. This project also offers the opportunity to gain intense personal learning experience and to undergo cultural enrichment. These volunteers will be incorporated into a team of 6-8 French and international volunteers, and they will take part in all the projects carried out at our hosting center and also all exterior projects. This pproject will allow volunteers to discover teamwork, manual work, and the handling of tools and materials. Volunteers will learn at their own pace techniques of masonry, carpentry and the renovation of buildings of important cultural heritage. Concerning the activities in the garden, volunteers will also be able to pick up ecological gardening techniques (water collection, fertilization of soil, seeding, plantation, harvesting…). Given that volunteers will be face to face with diverse social and sociocultural backgrounds and an international melting pot, the framework of the hosting of the project is also a means by which volunteers can gain rich international understanding. We hope that the discovery of the environment in which the volunteers find themselves will take place by means of the sharing of local life with the host community, and also by discovering the cultural and geographic richness, but also the social and economic realities, of the territory. The themes and activities whoch will be part of everyday life at this workcamp include: the environment, cooking, organic market gardening, careers in construction, leadership, lasting development. Volunteers will thus be brought to employ their particular skills et to take on their own responsibilities, all while accompanied by the team of permanent project employees. Accodring to their skills and interests, we assign them certain responsibilities in terms of management and leadership of activities. Thanks also to the energy that these volunteers will invest in the daily life of the community, sharing their ideas and their culture with a population that is infrequently exposed to international activity, we believe that they will contribute a great deal to local development and that they will demonstrate a certain facet of youthfulness, namely that of youthful activity and solidarity.



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