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Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project; Marketing and Retailing at our school who are undergoing training 16 from the field, 16 from the field of information technology, office management of 48 students in total, including 16 from the area of vocational qualification and is prepared to increase their employability. Constantly evolving and changing and competitive job market, have received adequate training and practical experience, which is in need of qualified personnel. But in our country the curriculum of vocational schools are unable to adequately follow the developments in the business world, there can not be qualified graduates and is not employed (IŞKUR -2009). Rapid growth and development in all sectors in the world, while there are emerging as a result of new requirements. The development of communication tools, countries closer to each other in all areas, although it is a cutthroat race into. To compete in this race, it is important strides to be made trading. Trained in Turkey's trade, foreign language skills, the ability to use technology winners are sorely in need of qualified personnel. The sites of mobility of our school, our students, our region and our country finally is scheduled to meet their needs. Our project for 2 weeks from 3 different areas, mobility will be held in 3 different countries. In recent years in our country and in the world of internet entrepreneurship is developing rapidly. The number and quality of the services provided via the Internet in recent years, while the fastest growing e-commerce has become one of the channels. Commerce transactions on the Internet, especially among the retail e-commerce, both in our country and around the world that have been translated into significant growth potential. Caught in parallel to the momentum of the service provider, the number of economic value in creative internet venture, with the help of advances in technology is seen a rapid increase. In parallel with this increase will increase employment opportunities, the industry will need to equipped and qualified staff. In this context, our first mobility in the field of Marketing and Retail 16 students with our "E-commerce Applications" on between 09.11.2014-22.11.2014, which is considered the homeland of e-commerce will be held in Germany. Which is one of the leading institutions in Germany "Trade & Tourism" also will be trained, so that the market will become qualified staff are sought. Which is our another when we look at information technology market in this area, which has a billion dollar software industry in our country comes from 30% of the market. Especially in the world of software giant Microsoft, the software market to see the potential in our country, our country, as in India, for example, the software giant is an indication that significant strides towards becoming. Unfortunately, our country training curriculum does not meet the needs of this rapidly developing sector. Students in new business areas developed itself, wrote dominating the program elements to be run as software in the field of our country in the future, which is based in Spain our partner Gesforem 16 of our students 01.03.2015-25.05.2015 between "Advanced Internet Application in the Design Tools" will be trained on. Advances in technology, the global economic investment and related issues within the scope of Turkey's EU membership, Turkey Office Management and Executive Assistant are missing a lot of the industry. To overcome this deficiency and to achieve the level of western countries and the legal regulations of the education offered to our students alone is not enough.Read our school office management in the field of education in Italy that 16 of our students in IRIS "Display Design & Print Publishing Preparation Programs" on the vocational education will have the chance to increase their hardware. Receivables through this training program may use design, design of the image brochures, business cards, logos, posters will be able to use to prepare. Besides the classical scheme of education in this area for close monitoring of emerging technologies and their ability to use technology in the field of Office Services and Office Management with elements in the field will increase the quality of services.Our students through our projects; profession will experience in the European dimension in the innovation, there in the system that can be compared with the system, we will have the opportunity, they will transfer to our country their professional achievements, they will enhance their employability Our students take language courses in preparatory activities then going abroad will be able to consolidate their language skills by finding opportunities. Personality is shaped our experience of adolescence are to be overseas, will broaden the vision of different cultures, different languages, different religions people will change their point of view.



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