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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Beyond being a project, European mobility is a real source of motivation for our vocational school. It is one of its fundamental objectives. This project represents the possibility to organize work experience placements for our vocational students. The length is set at 30 days. At present, our mobility programme is concentrated in Spain but an Anglo-Saxon country is under discussion. The work experience placements (PFMP) are planned for the months of May and June 2016. The length of a placement is four weeks and is an integral part of the diploma: the PFMPs must be carried out under the same conditions as those carried out in France. The trainees are evaluated by their teachers and the work experience supervisors according to the criteria and modalities in effect within the framework of their course. The students who participate in the mobility project are chosen within two vocational courses delivered at the « 4 septembre 1870 Vocational School »: Baccalauréat professionnel ASSP (Accompagnement, Soins et Services à la Personne) and the Baccalauréat professionnel Commerce. The Baccalauréat professionnel Commerce students will be in Year 12. Those from the Baccalauréat professionnel ASSP will be in Year 11. The students will thus be, for the majority, minors between the ages of 14 and 17 at the time of the work experience placements in Spain. Few amongst them have the opportunity to travel and open up to other cultures. The Leonardo and Erasmus+ projects initiated last year have allowed us to give a new dimension to the School Development Plan and fostered real expectations from the students who are applying in increasing numbers. The PFMP are an integral part of the diplomas presented. They are evaluated and necessary to the certification of the diploma. Our students are for the most part from a rural or working-class background and not very mobile. These work experience placements allow them to consider potential mobility in their professional life more favourably. More particularly, the proximity of Spain requires that our students master Spanish. In addition, crossborder companies recruit personnel speaking French and Spanish. Our students have, often since middle school, difficulties with mainstream education. These work experience placements abroad improve their learning acquisition, encourage them to persevere and constitute a real success factor come exam time. Our objectives, through this European work experience placements project proposal, is to place the trainees in a professional training situation that satisfies the strict constraints of the official references of their course. The objectives of the work placement are thus negotiated with the hosting companies. Encouraging foreign language acquisition is a strong commitment of the vocational school as are cultural understanding and personal development through the discovery of a new culture and different ways of life. This project will improve the ability of the students to apply their knowledge and their know-how in new contexts and develop their social skills by promoting greater broad-mindedness and adaptability when faced with new situations. We live in a region where population intermingling is significant: important tourist flux, proximity with the Spanish border, a large number of European students on the Pau and Bayonne campuses. Our students are brought into contact with this population in their professional environment. The companies hosting our trainees want them to be able to take on this type of client, user and/or patient. When hiring, they value school education where the European dimension has been developed and professional mobility encouraged. Our students are trained in contact jobs where the capacity to communicate is essential. A professional experience in linguistic immersion will allow them to significantly improve their modern language level and master the vocabulary specific to their professional field. This experience will improve their mindset by developing the European dimension within their training course and by facilitating a greater mobility. This PFMP allows students to adapt to life in a city in a foreign country and reinforces the links between the professional world (private companies and public organisations) and the vocational training school. It may also allow future recruitment of teachers. Europe becomes more concrete in the mind of the vocational training school students. This type of objective creates a strong, continuous and privileged relationship with our Spanish partners. A strong partnership and mutual trust will be the motor of the mobility project and ensure its longevity !



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