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Valuing Attractive Landscapes in the Urban Economy (VALUE)
Date du début: 30 juin 2008, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

AIM: To demonstrate the economic value of green infrastructure at the city/region scale and to show how to target green investments to maximise competitive benefits to communities throughout NWE. Green infrastructure* is a valuable part of our urban economy. However. as urbanisation increases throughout NWE. public and private greenspaces are being lost to housing and commercial developments. A key challenge is to establish where to target green infrastructure investments at the city/region scale. to deliver the greatest economic benefits. We must also modernise planning systems to ensure that high quality green infrastructure is protected and built-in to the urban fabric. This requires hard evidence demonstrating the value of greenspaces. because politicians listen most to economic arguments. The long-term impact of this project will be improved territorial cooperation policy across NWE regions. based on hard economic evidence that proves the value of green infrastructure in support of strong and prosperous communities. *Green infrastructure can be defined as the network of multifunctional open spaces. parks. waterways. trees and woodlands needed to support a high quality of life in and around our towns and cities. Achievements: Spatial development plans/masterplans showing green infrastructure investments for x 6 NWE citiesCapital investments at x 10 sites across NWEResearch; applying economic valuation tools to green infrastructureInternational conferences x 2 held in Bruges and Sheffield (Green Growth: New Shoots)Development of an Online Green City ToolInternational Student Design CompetitionPublished x 3 Reports; Demonstration of innovation green investments, VALUE Travel Guide and VALUE Final Report (attached)Influenced the development of EU and national policies on the development of green infrastructure and its economic value



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