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Values - the Essence of an Active Citizen
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is focused on the adaptation of the European Commission’s Policy on the field of Early School Leaving (ESL) within participating schools. Taking the statement "...Early school leaving is linked to unemployment, social exclusion, and poverty. There are many reasons why some young people give up education and training prematurely: personal or family problems, learning difficulties, or a fragile socio-economic situation. The way the education system is set up and the environment in individual schools are also important factors..." (“”) as a starting point, our purpose is to exchange ideas and practices of learning Values, increase them by creating new methodological Curricula and share it among partners. The main goal of the project is to deal with awareness of early school leaving on a European scale. The project stands for Europe, Values and Motivating School all in one. Values are the root of everything, but also the key that opens many doors. It’ll help you understand people’s lifestyles, cultures, decisions, ... without putting aside your own lifestyle etc. Values will be our main theme which will be addressed in 6 smaller topics. We’ll work on Values as following: 1. Values in local area (environment - village/town, industry/farming etc) 2. Options to spend free time in and around (incl, youth clubs etc) 3. Cultural values and traditions in local area (historical etc) 4. Nature around local area (ecology, green area, power plant, green air etc) 5. Values inside me - self-esteem, feeling safe, showing tolerance 6. Values inside me - team-work, take initiative. introducing cultures, The project is designed to enhance the educational experience across all curriculum areas. Students will have lessons and learn practically doing and living the world around them. They'll watch, examine, search and research, collect, organize, plan, create, produce. They'll work cooperating in groups having different roles in them. A significant aspect is setting up guidelines to safely deal with social networks in order to help students to protect themselves from the dangers involved. Students will also develop the skills of entrepreneurship by advertising and distributing the final products of the project such as a film about the project, a animation about the ELS as main topic, a short film to be sent to children's film festival 2017 etc... We will organize teaching and learning activities at partnerschools. Activities such as Storytelling and Animation/Film will be participated by student groups. There is been created 3 training events for teachers and staff. The significant part of training sessions will be planning and creating the new methodology for dealing the ESL issue. We will also take a closer look to a cooperation between institutions inside a community and find ways to prevent ESL. Every school partner will collect their experiences and describe them step by step in a final catalogue both in paper version and on he web in order to disseminate it as samples of dealing with Early Leaving School at schools. By the end of the project we hope to have instilled a strong sense of Values in everyone involved that will continue to be shared within the school networks, the families, the adjoining communities and the lifelong learning group to ensure that the essence of this project lives on.



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