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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project “Specific expertise and developed professional competencies - The opportunity for students to break out of the crisis”, within the program Erasmus + (KA1), aims to achieve the mobility of 26 students with 7 accompanying teachers and 20 teachers of practical education and training as the aiming project group to their professional and technical training in the fields of mechanical engineering/car mechanics, logistics and textile at partner institutions and companies in Finland (Mikkeli, Vaasa and Tampere), Germany (Syke), Spain (Madrid), France (Nevers), Denmark (Sonderborg), Hungary (Poznan) and Estonia (Tallinn). These are all secondary vocational and technical schools with vast experience in carrying out the international projects and international students and teachers’ mobilities. We have been actively and successfully cooperating with most of these schools for some years now. New partner schools this year are from Poland (Poznan) and France (Nevers). The purpose of our last year’s project was the implementation of an innovative organisational model for students and teachers' training in technologically more developed foreign environment, so that Slovene students and teachers work/train at the same time and together with foreign students and teachers in schools' workshops and companies (model “1+1+1+1”). Because of the needs of economic crisis, the purpose is now to upgrade the content of the last year’s project with 5 key competence components (model “P+I+K+O+K” in Slovene): developing business initiatives, searching for innovative solutions, promoting creativity, enhancing responsiveness to the needs of economy crisis, and assuring the quality of services. The aim is to increase the motivation to work and the opportunity to acquire new complex professional competences, knowledge and skills in order to meet the needs of economic crisis as a career opportunity for a breakthrough from the recession, which allows the students a more confident entering to the labour market. This is also supported by the economic sphere and the social partners, so the project has its impact on the sectoral level as well. The aims of the project are the following: a) to emphasize the acquisition of new knowledge, experience and skills of the students and teachers of practical training with an emphasis on the acquisition of 5 key professional competences »P+I+K+O+K« in a two-stage model of practical training abroad; b) the recognition of theoretical and practical methods and forms of work, and the implementation of educational work in related programmes in host countries. We will achieve an increase in the attractiveness of vocational education and training systems; c) intensification of international cooperation between institutions that are involved in education for the professions, which are the subject of students and practical training teachers’ mobilities. This will also improve the quality and increase mobility; d) to improve the cooperation with foreign companies and social partners, where our students and teachers are trained during their mobility; e) to prepare a platform for ECVET together with foreign partner institutions and its gradual introduction/implementation at our school. This also means the training of all participants of this evaluation at school. The project includes pedagogical, linguistic, cultural and socio-psychological preparation of students and teachers of practical training.



10 Participants partenaires