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V.I.P. Very Inclusive People
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The present project proposal aims to promote the culture of inclusion and active participation between youngsters, and to offers to people with several kind of disabilities and young people with less opportunities different opportunities of meeting and inclusion in the life of their local community, by the original contribution of 6 volunteers coming from Romania, Sweden, Spain, Germany. The volunteers will benefit of this intercultural learning experience at personal and social level and will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the local communities of Bassano del Grappa, Schio and Malo (north east of Italy) enhancing the social cohesion. The main objectives of the project are: - to sensitize the young people to the themes of the inclusion, diversity and the disability; - to promote active participation between young people with less opportunities, with attention of that ones that live in community or institutional structures due to family or social/health problems; - to promote a culture of respect, solidarity and tolerance between the youngsters and the local community in general; - to promote the voluntary work and to create opportunity of volunteering for the young people; - to promote the free expression and wellness of people with disabilities using art, music, sport, theatre…; - to develop creative and recreation activities, to create opportunities of meeting between people with disabilities and the local community, especially working in schools and informal groups; - to fight against stereotypes connected with disability and enhance the social relationships and avoid isolation. Volunteers, using non formal education and participatory approach, will organize different kind of activities addressed to people with disabilities and children, young people, according with their own abilities and interests. The duration of the service will be 10 months (from april 2015 to february 2016), the volunteers will start and end the service together to guarantee peer support (educational and social) and a greater impact at personal and local level. Progetto Zattera Blu, coordinating organisation, Adelante, Comunità Servizi, Orsa Maggiore, hosting organisations, will cooperate with the sending organisation in all the phases of the project (preparation, implementation, evaluation and follow up) and facilitate the communication between all promoters; furthermore it will guarantee costant personal, social, intercultural, educational support to the volunteers by weekly meetings. The volunteers will be benefits from specific training sessions and will learn from costant training on the job with the aim to become autonomous in the proposition of the initiatives to the target group and protagonist of the life of the local community. Local communities will be sensitize about social inclusion both through the activities in the organization and through the preparation and implementation of an event of social inclusion in which they collaborate together.


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