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V.I.D.A. Volunteering Is a Defining Action
Date du début: 2 juin 2016, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context of this project is given by the work done by Euroaccion with young people, social inclusion (immigrants, young people with judicial measures, ethnic minorities, ...), disadvantaged people in cooperation with other entities, that have seen the importance of young people being aware of the situation of other people (including young people like themselves) who do not have the same opportunities, causing a change in these young people about their participation in society. It also comes from the need to have partner organizations to improve the supply of existing activities in Murcia for youth and disadvantaged groups. It is also a result of the needs of these organizations to improve the skills of their workers in social inclusion, non-formal education methods and youth work. We believe that this project is a great opportunity for more people and organizations of having the opportunity to develop personal and professional learning projects.With this project we want to give a chance to young volunteers to contribute to the daily work of different organizations in Murcia, through close local and international collaboration network between them, with the purpose of developing the work with young volunteers, the staff involved, as well as the local community.This is a long term EVS project (17 months) in which Euroaccion is the coordinating organization. In this project there are 6 hosting EVS activities of 11 months duration each, in which 6 hosting organization of Murcia (EUROACCION, TRAPEROS DE EMAÚS, INNUENDO, CUCURUMILLO, ASTRADE and PROYECTO ABRAHAM) will host 10 European volunteers and 7 organizations from different countries of Europe (Armenia, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Germany and Portugal) will be the sending organizations of these volunteers.The objectives of this project are:To offer to young people equal opportunities in the field of education and labour market.To encourage active participation in society of young people.To offer to young people a space to improve their skills and key competencies through learning and intercultural dialogue, solidarity, self-learning, and the acquisition of skills for work in social inclusion and non-formal education methodologies.To improve proficiency of Spanish languaje for the volunteers of this project.To expand and improve the range of activities for young people and disadvantaged groups, through collaboration and the support provided by the European volunteers in organizing such activities.To strengthen cooperation between associations that work at local and international level, to generate a quality work in the field of youth, in areas such as social inclusion of young people, children and adults, especially those with fewer opportunities, access to a decent life, equality, and respect for the environment.To promote awareness of the Erasmus + Program: YOUTH IN ACTION through the support of European volunteers and other entities of the Region of Murcia, sharing their own experience as participants of this program.To strengthen the capacities of the workers of the partner organizations involved in this project as well as those of other workers in the field of youth directly or indirectly involved on it.The working methodology will be based on NFE methodolog: workshops, discussions, exercises and group dynamics, role playing, energizers, social theater, lectures and multimedia presentations, individual reflection exercises and activities for self-assessment skills (for the preparation of the YOUTHPASS), and meetings with their mentor and tutors, etc.With this project we want to generate the improvement of the quality of work that the volunteers will develop in their local communities and organizations after the end of their EVS project, and also to improve the worke of the partner organizations to expand their working horizons by establishing a network for creating new local and international projects.This project will benefit to the European volunteers, the parnter organizations involved in this project, its users, and people who work or are related directly or indirectly with them, whether in their daily lives or their working activities.



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