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V.A.L.L.E.Y. - Vocational Alliance: from Learning to Labour for European Young
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“VALLEY - Vocational Alliance: from Learning to Labour for the European Young" is a mobility project aiming at promoting the employability of young people coming from Tourism and Agribusiness sector and at facilitating their entrance into the labour market. This should also have a positive effect in terms of the national economy revitalization, especially in the South of Italy. Tourism and Agribusiness are key sectors for all of the regions involved in the project and recently they have been object of important development strategies for the promotion of the Italian territory and its typical products at European level. Hence, there is a need to dissolve the preexistent general skill mismatch and lack of coherence, in order to raise and train professionals with excellent skills and abilities, who could also contribute to the growth and development of the Italian territory in itself. V.A.L.L.E.Y. proposes to develop a model that is able to meet these needs. The first step of this model is the transnational mobility. This concrete experience abroad will be functional to the participants’ orientation in the labour market and their subsequent job placement, eventually leading to the equal recognition of the participants’ acquired competencies thanks to the EVCVET methods and tools. Project’s specific objectives are: - to acquire technical and professional skills in Tourism and Agribusiness sectors; - to acquire and improve a foreign language; - to develop soft and transversal skills ; - to contribute to the process of skills and transparency validation and recognition at European level, in line with the ECVET system provisions ; -to promote the development of the South Italian employment level together with its productivity and competitiveness. In terms of impact, the project will produce a significant impact on the participants, increasing their chances of employability: on the way back from their experience abroad, they will get the opportunity to do a post-mobility internship in Italy so as to contribute to the project’s main purposes and to maximize the local impact. VALLEY will definitively trigger positive effects both on the young professionals and on the local community. The local educational and employability systems together with the national economy will benefit from the project outcomes at a regional and European level and will increase the general consciousness about the importance of Tourism/ Agribusiness for the local community and for Southern Italy in itself leading to the subsequent valorization of its typical products, culture and human resources. The beneficiaries will be 150 young graduates from Campania, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria, which will have the opportunity to carry out a 120 days traineeship in foreign companies operating in Tourism and Agribusiness and located respectively in United Kingdom, Spain, France, Ireland and Malta.



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