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Utveksling vedrørande suggestopedisk undervisning 2015
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Suggestopedia is a method for teaching languages which was designed by the Bulgarian brain scientist and psychiatrist dr.Giorgi Lozanov, also called the Lozanov method. He taught the method to teachers from different nationalities in Europe from 1990, who again brought suggestopedia to their respective countries. There’s a need for teachers who use suggestopedia to meet, exchange ideas and experiences and inspire each other, to further develop the method. Suggestopedia is a method which utilizes how the human brain learns, to a larger extent than other methods of teaching. The teaching is based on whole…. thinking and includes systematic use of the different impulses that activates the brain. The use of humor, fantasy and the potential that exist in periferal perception is important. The teacher applying for the exchange has recently studied suggestopedia at university level and is now using the method in his teaching. During his studies he has required a solid base of theory and practical training. However, it’s a method that requires more of the teacher than other ways to teach, as there is little ready prepared educational programs. An internship will give valuable inspiration and extended competence. During the internship the teacher will take part in the education of language; observe and afterwards discuss experiences, pedagogy and the didactic of the method. He will also provide information about how the method is practiced in his setting. The primary target of the internship is to increase the progression amongst the adult immigrants who are learning Norwegian. Quality in the education and the content of the teaching is of crucial significance to achieve a more rapid progression. However, the teacher has to use a wide specter of working methods. The methods good results so far, will increase the demand for teacher with this extended competence on the subject in the future. The teacher doing the internship will be able to bring his experience to his local school, and also his region in Norway, to other teachers of adult immigrants.