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Усвояване на европейските стандарти за качество в професионалното обучение
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The context of the project is Achieving European Standards for quality in vocational training.The objectives of the project are:Improving:-staff's qualifications,teaching competencies and teaching quality;understanding the interconnections between VET and the labor market-opportunities and capacity of introducing new methods in the organization of the learning process and willingness to integrate good practices in our vocational school and the VET center-foreign language skills of the beneficiaries-the project capacity,modernization,competitiveness and international connections of the vocational school and the VET center-the managerial potential of teachers and trainers for planning,organizing and providing quality assurance in VET,their managerial skills and strategies for internationalization-the ability of beneficiaries for successful careers through the acquired knowledge and practical experience;their employability and competitiveness;their personal qualities such as motivation,teamwork,self-assessment,communication and European awareness; Increasing:-the percentage of students with a higher level of qualification-the attractiveness of the vocational training at our school and the VET center-the opportunities for our students to receive high-quality vocational education and training and to acquire new skills in order to improve their employability in the European labor marketAchieving:-European standards for quality of VET and employers' requirements for high level of knowledge and competences-new techniques and technologies including IT and specialized softwareNumber and profile of participants:Activity A-the beneficiaries are 20 people from the vocational school and the VET center.They are vocational teachers,trainers and representatives of the management department.Activity A2-the beneficiaries are 20 students from 11th and 12th grade,taught in the specialty of Construction technician. Activity A3-the beneficiaries are 20 students from 11th and 12th grade,taught in the specialty of Designer.All the students pass their basic vocational training in 9th,10th and 11th grade.Description of activities:1.Formation of the project management team2.Project information activities,publicity3.Informing the participants,approving selection criteria;selection of the beneficiaries4/5.Contracting with both partners and beneficiaries6.Preparatory activities,technical preparation7.Implementation of mobilities-activity А1 includes school staff,activities А2 and А3 include students8.Implementation of the plan for dissemination of projects' results and sustainability9.Management and monitoring10.Final reportMethodology to be used in carrying out the project1.Identifying the needs2.Planning of the activities3.Implementation of project activities4.Monitoring5.Follow-up control and sustainability of outputs6.Final report;Indicators for the achieved resultsDescription of the results and impact envisaged:Activity A1-Achieved:-innovative European educational methods-knowledge about the organization of VET,evaluation system and quality of VET,as well as labor market and employers’ requirementsImproved:-professional competences and their transfer in teaching-quality of teaching-personal and social skills-capacity for VET management;internationalization skills and willingness to integrate good practices-qualities and skills of the staff for quality assurance in VET-employment opportunities,vocational and career development-project experience and staff capacityActivities A2&A3-Achieved:-knowledge about the evaluation system of VET and skills in different professions,the requirements of employers and the relationships between VET and the labor market-practical skills and competencies for the specific activities in the studied professions of Construction technician and Designer-new materials,techniques and technologies,including IT and specialized software-trainers and employers’ requirements for quality assurance in VET-quality standards and technical norms in the construction and design processesImproved:-professional skills and competences of the participants-personal and social skills-learning satisfaction and tendencies to improve learning quality-opportunities for future employment and competitivenessPotential long-term benefits:-Institutional arrangements for quality assurance in VET-Skilled workers,trained at our vocational school and the VET center,prepared for the labor market-Reducing the level of youth unemployment in our town and region-Raising the prestige of the vocational school and the VET center-Applying the achieved European experience in the learning process-Overcome intercultural,training and qualification differences-Increasing the number of students studying in different specialties at our school-Increasing the percentage of the trainees with a higher level of qualification-Project experience and international relations



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