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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Prva gimnazija Maribor wishes to be involved in European projects and provide opportunities for high-quality in-service training abroad. By participating in the project, the participants want to acquire new theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of ICT, teaching other subjects, school leadership and project management; modernise the teaching and learning of foreign languages with improved linguistic competences, implementation of the intercultural competence in foreign language learning and creation of more cross-cultural cooperation ; improve the communicative skills of the participants and create opportunities for international cooperation of students and teachers. The participants are seven teachers of informatics, foreign and native languages and a deputy headteacher, who would like to carry out nine mobilities. The project will include in-service training courses made up of lectures, (inter)active workshops, formal and informal discussions and study visits to schools. An integral part will be networking. The expected results are: improved teaching in the sense of an enriched draft of teaching and learning methods, including a reasonable use of relevant online tools and applications, as well as improved knowledge in the area of using tablets for planning and teaching. Participants will acquire a new insight into the context of education in Europe in develop critical thinking skills for evaluation of implementing novelties and current trends in education. Participants will enhance their independence, strengthen their confidence and build motivation for further training and European cooperation. By active participation, they will represent and promote the school and our country. Dissemination is expected to affect students and other teachers in a positive way: increase their motivation and wish to participate in European projects, raise their awareness of the importance and need for multilingualism and life-long learning in the contemporary society, and acquiring relevant ICT skills for their personal and academic needs. In a long term, we expect an improved reputatin of the school, higher enrolment numbers and a creative environment for learning and teaching.