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Usługi jako alternatywne źródło dochodu dla absolwentów szkół rolniczych.
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Services as an alternative source of income by the graduates of School of Agricultural Training Centre of Bydgoszcz” will involve four groups of 18 students= 72 students, mostly full time 2nd and 3rd class learners educated in the following professions: a gardening technician, a landscape technician, an agribusiness technician and a veterinary technician, as well as four groups of 2 teachers= eight teachers. All the participants are the students of School of Agricultural Training Centre, Bydgoszcz. The internship are to take place at the center: Deula Nienburg (2 groups),Deula Hildesheim(1 group) and Illut Berlin Bonn(1 group) to begin June 01, 2015 and to finish June 01, 2017. The first group of the interns will take part in the project in spring 2016 and the second in summer 2016, the third in autumn 2016, the fourth in spring 2017. The internship will be conducted in two different subject modules, which will enable the trainees to exchange experience, because the specificity of each training is different. One group will deal mainly with the arrangement and maintenance of green areas and the second will perform basic veterinary treatments and will take care of animals. The main objective of the project is the acquisition of the skills in innovative services in the fields of arrangement and maintenance of green areas as well as the selection of appropriate feed for livestock and performance of basic medical treatments, which may provide an alternative source of income for graduates of ZSCKR in Bydgoszcz. The main aims of the project are: - preparing students, future high school graduates, to set up their own businesses; - learning the rules how to establish and run the companies which provide services in the fields of arrangement and maintenance of green areas as well as domestic animal care; - learning safety rules at maintenance and operation of agricultural and horticultural equipment and other machines used in working with animals, including the EU norms and standards; - learning the operation and maintenance of modern machines and equipment used for the establishment and maintenance of green areas and animal care; - learning various kinds of the arrangement and design of green areas; - learning new ways, techniques and resources for landscape arrangement and plant care; - learning new ways, techniques and resources used in animal care; - performance of various forms of small garden arrangement; - performance of nursing activities in green areas, - performance of nursing activities on domestic and farm animals; - performance of basic medical treatments; - performance of milking and artificial insemination of animals - identification and selection of feeds in the nutrition of different species of animals; - definition of animal welfare conditions; - improving communication in German; - developing skills in using technical vocabulary; - learning about German culture; - eliminating stereotypes between both nations; - improving knowledge about the culture and traditions of the German language area; - developing the ability to work independently and work in a team. The best result achieved after the internship will be mastering a range of skills necessary in future work career and the ability to set up an own business, not only in Poland but also in the EU countries. Thus it may result in the reduction of the unemployment rate among the young people ending their education (unemployment is 16-20% in our region). Participation in the project will also contribute to personal development of the students, motivate for further learning and influence the development of assertiveness and communication skills, also increasing in this way their activity and competitiveness in the labor market. In addition to the tangible benefits of participation in the project, students will learn about the culture and customs of other nationalities. The project will integrate the students as a group, strengthen its sensitivity and tolerance for other religions and cultures. Besides, for most students this is the only opportunity to go abroad. The school will provide the financial settlement of the project. The project will be implemented in the years 2015-2017. The skills acquired during the internship will be confirmed by the certificates issued by the host organization, the Europass mobility document as well as the certificates issued by the school. The information about the internship will be published in the local media and on the school website. The project will not involve students with special needs. The person in charge of the project is the director of the school – Andrzej Wiosna, and the direct project coordinator is Barbara Pejka – a teacher of vocational subjects.



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