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Using Recycled Glass for Pressure Blasting Steel Surfaces and the Waste Produced in Firing Heavy Clay Constructed Products (GREENBLAST)
Date du début: 28 juil. 2012, Date de fin: 27 juil. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Currently waste glass is collected from homes (and businesses) for recycling. Due to the lack of demand there is an excess of green coloured glass which must be stored or sent to landfill. This project proposes an eco-innovative process and business model to make use of this in two different industries, effectively double recycling the waste glass, as described below:i) Waste glass can be used in place of copper slag or grit for metal surface preparation. This technique, called blasting forms a large part of shipyard work. Using recycled glass for blasting has been proven at small scale in previous projects. The waste from this process consists of small diameter glass particles, metal particles and paint particles.ii) The waste product from blasting with glass fine particles of glass is suitable for use in the heavy clay industry in the manufacture of bricks, pipes and tiles. Their use enables lower temperature kiln firing and/or higher quality end product.



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