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User-Centric Networking (UCN)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description The UCN project introduces User Centric Networking, which is a communication new paradigm leveraging user information at large, to deliver novel user-centric connected media services.The explosion of information available online and the ubiquity of connected media devices are rendering existing content recommendation and content delivery system inadequate. The recent data deluge has made finding relevant content a daunting task. Users are presented with seemingly infinite choices for consumption and because recommendation systems are typically service or application specific and based on little or narrow data, which results in too coarse-grained recommendations. Furthermore, existing content delivery systems focus their media adaptation to match device and network characteristics, instead of users’ context and profile that could help increase the relevance of content search and the viewing conditions.We introduce User Centric Networking (UCN), a new communication paradigm that leverages user information at large to store, discover and deliver content in the most optimal conditions at any time, for a given user in a specific context. UCN relies on a distributed Personal Information Hub (PIH) that contains information such as the user context, her mood, historical data about her taste, expectation, social acquaintances, and her network/device resources. UCN will use these data to decide at any point in time where to search content and where to deliver it from, and how to configure the delivery for a user in her context. In addition, UCN creates opportunities for a new range of personalized services, based on geo-location or fusion of very different sensor data for example.UCN will deliver prototypes for a new generation of Internet-based applications and services in the digital media sector and beyond. These prototypes will deployed in Technicolor's Home Networking product line, designed with real data and tested in real conditions at Portugal Telecom and a NICTA who both use Technicolor's most recent gateway technology.



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